Purchase of monsanto financed with taxpayers

Purchase of Monsanto financed with taxpayers

ECB Tower in Frankfurt. Image: Maslmaslmasl / CC BY-SA-4.0

The Bundesbank under Jens Weidmann, who wants to become the ECB boss, has financed Monsanto toll with the ECB Securities Program

Three years ago Bayer CEO werner Baumann, proudly like Bolle, acquired the purchase of the US pesticide and seed group Monsanto, and his actions clapped applause. He prevoures the rise to the global player and unimagined dividend. Your greed prevented a prudent risk analysis. Today is the share in the cellar, from the USA astronomical claims for damages, the Leverkusen Group threatens to take over or bankruptcy. You could glossy grin: happen to you!

But unfortunately, the soup does not exploit the Shareholder and the managers, but the taxpayer. In view of an impending bankruptcy, the German Federal Government will probably step in – so happen at the banking crisis. In this case, the Bundesbank will also drive significant losses, because it was Jens Weidmann, who financed Monsantos. He took the money from the securities purchase program of the European Central Bank, ECB.

The Public Sector Purchase Progamme (PSPP) was created and should resulted in the last financial crisis 2007, so strolled it, by iing cheap money, preventing a deflation and by the acquisition of government bonds standing to the crisis on the crisis.

The PSPP had been criticized from neoliberal circles because, above all, the Sudal Lander and Non Central Europe have benefited from him. Bundesbank Chief Weidmann had the only one in the euro council against this "Cheaper" voted.

The Berlin lawyer Markus Kerber called the Federal Scarf Court, which shared these concerns and referred the matter to the European Court of Justice. Kerber hold the bond for "Money-breaking" and plads instead for one "Hard reform course". However, the ECJ approved the ECB program in December 2018; On the 30th. July wants to decide the BVerfG in a mouthful negotiation.

During Weidmann for years old against the purchase of state bonds weathered, he remained silent as in Marz 2016 the ECB decided the Corporate Sector Purchase Progamme (CSPP). From this point, the cheap money from Brussel also gained the corporations. Only a few voices rose against this new Fullhorn; it "Discrimination The non-bors-noted companies" (Kerber) and disadvantage the competition from the middle class and startups.

A larger part of Bayer bonds from the Bundesbank was bought with ECB funds

The list of ECB revealed who was subsidized with this practically gifted money: Daimler, Telecom, Vonovia, but also Coca-Cola, Nestle and Shell. Why the latter was supported with European taxpayers, the ECB has not explained so far.

The bonds ied by Bayer AG and the Bayer Capital Group for the purchase Monsantos have been taken over in six transactions. William Lelieveldt, ECB spokesman, confirmed me against the purchase of the Bayer bonds as part of the CSPP program, but ignoring the exact scope and interest rate. Of course you have "Risk Management Considerations" employed, says Lelieveldt. But as these have looked concrete, he did not reveal. The bonds are in the portfolio of the Bundesbank. My entitlement to the surprise of your risk association are in Brussels as in Frankfurt. I have asked for appeal for appeal if the information refused.

My action against Bayer AG on the publication of your Due Diligence Report (America First or who benefits from Deal Bayer-Monsanto) will be on 12. September before the Higher Regional Court Koln are negotiated.

The Leverkusen company, which according to his homepage "High mabstobe in transparency" promises, for Monsanto paid the proud price of $ 62 billion. "Which bank gives such a rough credit", Wondered the FAZ then. A quarter of the sum should have been stemmed from equity, for sale from company parts to BASF, which had called the US-Borsenaufsich, and from the sale of the material manufacturer Covestro. In addition, Bayer had spent new shares over a capital higher and committed to the Bank of America, Credit Suisse and the House Rothschild for the rest of the financing. It was not known that a larger part of the Bayer bonds was bought by the Bundesbank with ECB funds.

The US wealth administrator Blackrock holds down to Monsanto and Bayer as well as BASF and Covestro’s handsome equity packages. But he did not participate in the CSPP transaction, explained Lelieveldt on request. He confirmed that Blackrock services ("Some Services") For the ECB exports: " External service providers, for example, involved in the stress tests of banks, must strictly separate between the service provider team and other teams that advise rough financial institutions or investors." The ECB examined carefully as a conflict of interest here.

Weidmann has been providing for a long time for the post of the new ECB prasident. Since my inquiry after the purchase of Bayer bonds within the framework of the CSPP program is on his desk, he will know that he has given its decision – European taxpayers to have given Monsanto sharehars practically -. Although he had tired for years against the ECB purchase of state bonds, he suddenly defends this practice. "Meanwhile, the European Court of Justice has found that it is right. This is valid subsidiary", charged Meidmann of the time against his change of mind. On the 30th. June will be decided in Brussel over the succession Mario Draghis. And as the Bayer share falls down, Weidmann’s opportunities are also falling.

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