Proposals and demands for vw exhaust farms

Proposals and demands for vw exhaust farms

In the Affare to manipulated exhaust values at Volkswagen, consumer protectioners want to prevent the VW Group measures with two MAB: here the US buyer, there the European car owners. Only a few days ago EU Industrial Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska demanded with a meeting with VW Group Chief Matthias Muller, affected VW customers in the EU had to be considered as the customers in the US. There you get 1000 dollars each (just under 1000 euros), in the form of cash and vouchers for VW handler. Also free breakdown help is part of this package.

VW stops, the situation in the US is not able to be comparable to other marketplaces. For example, US customers had to wait "probably long on suitable solutions than in most other countries," said a speaker. In the US is the jerking plan – unlike this – not yet cliable. There, VW is threatening around 100.000 car. "We are planning a macaway package individually for every market," says it at VW. Details are still largely unclear. Free replacement cars but probably.

Arbitration point for new car buyer

Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) now suggests to set up an independent arbitration board for complaints of new car buyers. This could make it easier for consumers to enforce their rights without a lawyer. So far, there is only a conciliation site for used car buyers.

What the automakers were allowed to interest much more is his idea to crop the powers of the Federal Office Federal Office (KBA). The author has so far not only granted the EC approval for new vehicle types. It also controls whether vehicles already on the strain have the same exhaust emission values determined in the original authorization.

In the Report from the Ministry of Justice, it is called: "It will be to be asked if and what consequences result for the task of the KBA."That sounds like a mistrust vote. And it raises the question of who could take care of individual tasks of the authority.

Federal Environmental Agency in position at NOx output

The Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), which is subordinated to the SPD-guided Federal Environment Ministry, has definitely launched itself. UBA Prasidentin Maria Krautzberger was announced in December, her authority will perform its own random exhaust gas quantities, with which the nitrogen dioxide outlet of vehicles should be checked.

To make manipulations complicate, the UBA wants to measure emissions in the moving car. Because in this method, in the opinion of experts, one can not be so easy as with the previously prescribed tests on the roller support.

The Federal Environmental Agency has been fighting for years with a problem: the emission values, which are published by the vehicle manufacturers, do not quite fit the pollution in the sum that measures the UBA in the air. With the Volkswagen meanwhile tricks alone, this discrepancy can not be explained. The chairman of the Bundestag committee for law and consumer protection, Renate Kunast (Grune), says: "It could make sense that the Federal Environmental Agency gets the statefulness."Then a" taboo "check the cars ensured.

US environmental macers covered the VW exhaust scandal last year. Europe’s most of the car manufacturer has now been sued by the US; It threatens punishments that theoretically dozens of billions may be. In Germany, the prosecutor determines among other things due to fraud. In both countries there are civilians.

Investigation assignment of the European Parliament

The European Parliament also wants to draw consequences of exhaust fighters and has broken down the members of a 45-headed examination committee in Strabburg. He is intended to pursue the possible violation of the auto industry against the Union law for emission volumes. In addition, the committee should examine suspected volunteers of the EU Commission and the Member States. An interim report should give it by summer, the final report spat at the beginning of 2017.

However, not only the car owners are affected by the scandal. The report from the Ministry of Justice also deals with potential civil tunneling of investors whose VW shares have lost value. Environmental protections, on the other hand, have a very different group in view: especially for asthmatics living on busy trenches, a high nitrogen dioxide load is a health risk.

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