Prop of the author of the melissa virus

However, if cooperation with the police, Smith was still gorgeous

When the Melissa macrovirus in Marz 1999 spread over the Internet, this happened with a previously not achieved infection rate. Already in April, as the muteah tatter of Americans David L. Smith arrested and released in December against a deposit again. He had stood out the virus programmed and circulated. The damage of Melissa was scated on dozens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Only now has the judge, after the process has been postponed again and again, faded the relatively merciful judgment.

Smith, the insured, unnamed what the virus could do, had with a prison sentence of up to five years as well as a fine of a maximum of 250.000 US dollars and claims for damages must be expected. Smith, then 30 years, has worked as a programmer. Edward Borden, the defender, said he had hoped for an acquittal, but the judge Joseph Greenaway has next to a fine of 5.000 dollars have been deprived of 20 months of FUR to climb others from the spread of viruses. Since he filed a consideration that the damage was not intended by Melissa and cooperated well with the police, the verdict was still relatively mild. Is suspected that Smith has given information about other virus authors.

Melissa, named after a stripper who had met Smith, was a macro virus, who came as an attachment in emails with the following text, which obviously raises the curiosian receptionist: "Here is that Document You asked for … Do not show anyone else ;-)". Who opened the file, installed the macro virus that searched in Microsoft Outlook after the email address book and then sends a copy to the first 50 names specified in the address book. Ndies could also be sent content of sooped Word documents. Melissa was such a role model for the countless worms and viruses, which, like the Iloveyou virus, spread even faster by the wear of the naive users.

Smith said that he has his action and in no way had to imagine what he was served. He wrote him as a harmless virus. He and had no hatred for society. He did not volunteer him voluntarily.

Richard Smith and others could first hit the virus on the virus capler Vicodines or Alt-F11 occurring under the pseudonym (in search of the author of Melissa). The National Infrastructure Protection Center National Infrastructure Protection Center at the FBI then had some virus programmer websites as Source of Kaos. Some of the virus programmers in troublem and threads had published an explanation quickly in April, in which they are from the "bose" Virus programmers distanced and respect for their research (the good and boses of virus programmers).

Finally, it became known that Melissa was sent out of the AOL account of a certain Scott Steinmetz, but the insatch of having something to do with the macrovirus. The indication came from AOL. David Smith had apparently found a possibility for a long time whose account to use and from this the mail with the virus to the Usenet group old.Sex Hierarchy sent, from where they had spread. Already 6 days after sending Melissa, Smith could be arrested.

On Friday, however, the verdict must be falled from another court. Here he was accused of the prosecutor in New Jersey of computer-understuted theft, whereupon a high-end penetration of 10 years. However, the prosecutor has agreed that this judgment should not exceed the judgment of the Federal Supreme Court. After the prison sentence Smith is still 42 months under preservation. During this time he is not allowed to use the internet.

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