Project hazel: razer shows respiratory protective mask with led lighting

Project Hazel: Razer shows respiratory protective mask with LED lighting

For CES, the manufacturer of Gaming-Zuhor Razer has introduced a breathing mask with LEDs. According to Razer, Project Hazel is a concept design that connects a medical N95 respiratory protection with convertible LED lighting.

The mask, for which no publication date is mentioned so far, is therefore equipped with removable and rechargeable active air. Razer promises that at least 95 percent of the carried particles are filtered thereby

Video to Razer Project Hazel

So that the trolley of Project Hazel does not get lost its expressive facial expressions, coarse parts of the facial mask are transparent. Inside there is also a lighting that can lighten the mouth in the dark. According to Razer, this lighting turns on automatically when it gets dark. In addition to this indoor lighting, the Razer mask has the for the company typical LED decorative elements that can program users with dynamic lighting effects. The respiratory protective macke should be constructed water-repellent.

With micro and LEDs

Razer’s high-tech respiratory protective mask also has a built-in microphone and a more amplifier to better bring out the voice of the Trager. Despite all these tech baubles, the battery life should range for a whole day.

Project Hazel is charged in a recharging box, which should disinfect the mask in addition to UV light. Such a UV car box has already launched Samsung already.

Project Hazel is still a concept. Razer writes, it should be further optimized by tests and community feedback – whether the high-tech respiratory protective mask is ever entered and how much you could cost is unclear.

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