Professional disease burnout: total foundation

Professional Disease Burnout: Total Foundation

Burnout is in twice the same way. The affected people suffer from a deep shot state, but often not recognized as such. For medical comes a billing technical problem. "Burnout is not a disease according to the criteria of the World Health Organization WHO, patients can not be written sick due to burnout", Says Professor Dirk Windemuth, head of the institute for work and health of German statutory accident insurance.

Therefore, patients with burnout symptoms are on sick leave due to depression and treated because of this diagnosis. "But that does not help, but hurts man", Says Windemuth. It is therefore important for him that affected knowledge where you can find help.

Three typical symptoms

Total sequence is the synonym for burnout and stress of the exclusive. Stress can be occupational or private, but is never the sole cause for burnout. "For all mental illnesses there is a multi-aralation", Says Windemuth. In order to illumpt at a seizure, people must have in addition to the stress a plant for a mental illness. If such persons meet a strong burden, this can lead to burnout.

Who is affected suffers from three typical symptoms: 1. Emotional Foundation. This shows about that people for others do not feel more. 2. Missing performance. The affected do not create their tasks despite overtime, are history. 3. Cynical distancing. People go on distance to their work and become cynical. "Who says, I can not anymore – – and not just in a concrete situation – has almost burnout", so windemuth. This help of help is more than a breakfast indicator.

"no" say, do not want to be perfect

But how can people can wear, the traces that threatens a seizure? "For example, you have to say no say and do not want to be perfect", Council of the professor who worked for years in psychological therapy. Who creates 95 percent of his work, makes a lot. Who wants to do everything perfectly, never has work. Say no, you can learn that in psychological psychotherapists or specialists for psychotherapy. "But never google on the internet after symptoms", Warns Windemuth. The information material there unsure more than it helps.

In the opinion of the professor, employers often operate prophylaxis against burnout by designing the work healthy. In particular, the construction of good working conditions and advisory services for employees in external service providers: Cached employees can call them there and the qualified personnel recognizes whether someone should be a professional or whether a telephone consultation is sufficient. "As employers have to worry about that work does not make sick, it is the duty of workers to participate and also to communicate a surcharge", Says Windemuth. Clairvoyance can not be a supervisor.

Fritting pravation is better

How widespread burnout is and whether the seizure syndrome is accepted or decreases, according to the BARMER health insurance, because Burnout is not a medical diagnosis and the sequential syndrome does not appear in the billing data. Burnout has a close relationship to depression and its symptoms, the BARMER. Therefore, the medical misdiagnosis. Like all health insurance companies, the Barmer offers to start mental health. In addition, information and online courses pay for stress erosion.

The sooner one begins with pravention, the better for your own health. "Only when I learned about the Burnout prophylaxis coach from the symptoms in my training, I realized why it was bad for me", says Holger Kracke, owner of the Kracke Academy and chairman in the German Federal Association for Burnout prophylaxis and pravention.

One third has increased risk

The association creates framework conditions for the qualification of burnout consultants, is a contact point for those affected and consulting companies in the planning and development of health-renowning macers for their worked. "We advise companies and show them how they can do their employees with small budgets well and support", so cracquer. His premium seminars and hybrid online courses are usually posted by companies. Participants are healthy people who want to prevent others have light or severe burnout symptoms.

Burnout can take care of everyone. "According to different studies, about one third of the professional occupancy have an increased risk to ill", says Kracke. A significant increase in the trap can be determined from the end of 20, as significantly decreases from about 60 years. The big risk is between 35 and 55 years. The investigations confirm the experiences of Kracke from his consulting practice.

Stressful competence protects

Certified members of the association are trained on a multimodal stress pravention model recognized by the health insurance companies. "Stress competence is methodological competence", says Kracke. The better certain competences are essential, the lower the risk of falling out on the factory syndrome. Decisive Difference to Greater Stress Pravention Programs is the implementation of an additional stress diagnostic test of certifying association members. The finds out how high the personal risk is to get a burnout within the next 12 months.

In addition, the evaluation shows the indication of the individual competences necessary for healthy and performance. In a personal evaluation language, individual clues are given, whether and where optimization requirement. Kracke advice on this test once a year. "This burnout pravention should become self-consumancy, such as the all-year health check at the family doctor", Recommends Kracle.

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