Private armies in ukraine

Private armies in Ukraine

Dnipro-1 Private Army of Igor Kolomoiski. Image: Dnipro-1

Since 2014, private armies of Ukrainian oligarchs exist. Soldner are conveyed abroad. Now Prasident Wolodimir Selenski wants to create a legal framework for Ukrainian security companies. About a new war adventure?

The Ukrainian Prasident Wolodimir Selenski gave on 5. June, at the first meeting of the Council conferred by him to ies of war veterans, known to work at the time of two legislation, which should rule the activity of private security companies in Ukraine.

According to a report of the Wall Street Journal of June 2014, the Oligarch financed Igor Kolomoiski "Building his private army" Ten million dollars per month.

Wakefirms entertained by oligarchs also engage in Ukraine when it comes to enforcing economic interests and it comes to conflicts on basic opportunities, construction boats and agricultural fleas.

As the Ukrainian Internet portal Hromadske reports, Selenski, which is linked to Kolomoiski, liked that the legislation for the legalization of private militar companies is still adopted before parliamentary holidays.

Private armies in Ukraine

Prasident Selenski in the announcement of his wish to legalize private armies. Image: Presidential Office of Ukraine / CC BY-4.0

What drives Selenski to the hurry?

According to the Russian militar expert Juri Knutow, Kiev wants to recall Donbass with the help of private security companies. That’s just a guess. Properties for this thesis did not present Knuth. The expert says: "If the Donbass is taken by the Ukrainian Army, the violation of the agreement of Minsk." But when the Donbass is taken by Ukrainian security companies, Kiev will say: "We could not stop."

At the moment, in my opinion, Kiev wants to keep the popular republics militarily due to stable guides in constant tension and wants to morbue the population mentally.

It would be possible at all that the People’s Republics Lugansk and Donetsk are backed up by Ukrainian security companies? So much is: Should such an action be planned, highly motivated persons are needed, which have already been evaporating in Donbass as a volunteer in the right-wing radical and nationalist battalions for the People’s Republics in Lugansk and Donetsk and Donetsk in the last six years.

Volunteer battalions with ideologically motivated persons play a key in Ukraine war. Because the Ukrainian army is missing to today’s cohesion and motivation. Although the soldiers are now better outlined, but to serve the moral and material incentive in the army, is low. According to the Deputy Ukrainian Defense Minister, Ivan Rusnak, there was a total of 9268 deserters between 2014 to 2019.

The Highest Militar State Lawyer Anatoli Matios, which was known in 2019, announced in November 2018 that from the Ukrainian Army from 2014 to 2018 a total of 33.798 soldiers deserted.

The Ukrainian army suffers from massive cadre deficiency. 2018 acknowledged 11.000 Army-friendly the service. Should the Ukrainian state legalize the security companies in the country, these were even more competing for the Ukrainian army, which only pays low sold.

"Toxic people"

There is a second problem. Many men who were in the East Ukraine in the war are only difficult to integrate into society. In Ukraine it should up to 200.Give 000 men who have rotted in Donbass against the upturns and now have problems to find a job. The war-returns are mostly traumatized traumatized. You can only be hard to integrate into teams. These manners are considered "toxic". They are easily battered and quickly reach the weapon.

Deputy Secretary of the Ukrainian Council for National Security and Defense, Sergej Kriwonosov, sees the solution of these social problems in the formation of a private army. At 3. February 2020 explained Kriwonosov, the returner from the front "Nowhere needed". A private security company, be there like a "Lightning", the former front soldier help. "They do what they master well, and they get money and recognition of society."

Private armies in Ukraine

ASOW regiment. Image: azov

Previous attempts of legalization failed

Initiatives to legalize the private security companies in Ukraine were already launched by Rada deputy and the land of the right sector, Dmitro Jarosch, and March 2018 from Rada-Deputy Waleri Karpunzov – he was a member of the Blockes Petro Poroshenko – started. But all proposals sanctified or recovered again. why?

It is conceivable that there are reservations about the Legalization of Ukrainian security companies from the Western states that support Ukraine. The Ukrainian security companies want access to the international market for militar consultants and Soldner. But this market is already divided among American, English and security companies of other states. Hardly conceivable that you see the expansion of Ukrainian security companies as a profit in the West.

In addition, in the west one is well that a legalization of security companies in Ukraine, the Ukrainian oligarching will give legal military power in the hands and will lead to the destabilization of the ever-weak state system.

Already in Ukraine there are one million weapons, which came during the war from army reserves in private possessions. Ukrainian right-wing extremists and nationalists were able to legalize their captured weapons through the legalization of security companies and gain access to Ukrainian troops.

Trooping pulp, patriotic education, import and export of weapons

The Ukrainian security companies should only be tiant abroad, it is called in February 2020 by Olga Wasileewskaya-Smagljuk, a deputy of the Selenenski Party "Servant of the people", submitted bill nr. 3005 for legalization of private security companies published on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament. "This will take the opportunity to form private armies within the state", Write the deputies in an explanatory text. However, the Ukrainian security companies should receive the possibility, "In the context of their outdoor activity, weapons in and out".

In the text of the Law Project of the MEPs, the Ukrainian security companies are prohibited, "Territories of foreign countries to conquer". The security companies should have the right to acquire troops.

Pre-insured persons should not be involved in the basic security companies. The name "Ukraine" and symbols of the country can not be used by the security companies. If the security firm contributes to the patriotic education of youth, you can apply for government funds.

The deputy argued, Ukrainian volunteers and soldiers had acquired military experiences in East Ukraine. With these experiences you can earn money abroad. In Iraq, militarators were – depending on experience – per day between 100 to 1.000 dollars paid.

Currently there was "at least funf" Private Ukrainian security companies, shared the deputies. All these companies are registered abroad. There were also "Decent hundreds of millions of dollars" Lastings who earn the private Ukrainian militar companies. When the Ukrainian security companies are registered in Ukraine, there was tax revenues for Ukraine, the MEPs are apparently hoping.

The reasoning of the deputies Wasilewskaya-Smagljuk joined the Ukrainian Prasident on the 5th. June 2020 on. Wolodmir Selenski, however, spoke, on the other hand, that Ukrainian managers grow to private armies. It is "very dangerous". But Selenski did not know that there are these armies, and he said nothing about how the legalization of private security companies should look exactly. The Ukrainian Prasident said only, he hopes that the newly convened advice on questions of war veterans at the preparation of a "balanced legal project" involved in legalization of private security companies

In which direction the planned legalization of the Ukrainian security companies are doing, let’s not say yet. It is certain, however, that the peace in Ukraine and in the world more served goods when the Ukrainian state makes money loose to the 200.000 Rucker from the front to integrate into civil life again instead of working again with military tasks.

Part 2 of the article deals with the experiences that were made in Ukraine with private armies, right volunteer battalions as well as Western security companies and intelligence services.

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