Presentation: fisker emotion

Presentation: fisker emotion

More than 800 kilometers range in a minute Charging time: Henrik Fiskers promise for the solid state battery in the electric luxury athlete emotion is fantastic. At some point after the year 2020, the production of such batteries with solid electrolyte could start, so Fisker. With a 2.5 times so high energy density as in the same batteries. For the series start at the end of 2019 But the fascinating subscribed emotion must get along with common cells of LG Chem. Enough for 640 kilometers range in the US EPA cycle, 260 km / h top speed and everything united in a design that the handwriting of Danen is immediately to look at.

Low attack surface

Sculptural calls Henrik Fisker the design language. The front drops steeply. The bodyworks are short and the wheels with 24 inch diameter really rough. The point where the side and windshield collapses is extremely low. This benefits the overview. Fisker uses the potential of the battery electric powertrain. The long aligned a BMW 7er – the room offer should be much more crucified, and the high of 1.48 meters let a small attack surface for the wind. Place for people with claim and appropriate purchasing power: The entry price is 129.000 US dollars (currently about. 108.000 Euro); Reservations are accepted for 2000 dollars.

It falls on that Henrik Fisker in communication is more oriented to European premium brands than to Tesla, the obvious competitors. Maybe this is due to his professional socialization: Fisker has drawn the BMW Z8, various Aston Martin models and Artega GT. The jump from the design department to the Auto-Entrepreneur Fisker has dared with the Karma. The plug-in hybrid became known worldwide by Stealth Mode (surplosive about: camouflage modes) called E operation as well as the television series "Two and a Half Men", in which Ashton Kutcher drove the Karma. The name has not brought the car no gluck: After the bankruptcy supplier A123, the Hurricane Sandy 300 copies of the karma were destroyed.

Electric or nothing

From the internal combustion engine Fisker has now been passed finally. An e-motor on the front and rear axles drive the emotion. Exact performance data is not available, and the battery capacity is not called. In view of the vehicle grooves, the range and the psychological necessity, the current top version of the Tesla Model S may be amed by around 120 kWh.

If the Fisker emotion comes on the market at the end of 2019, Porsche will offer another alternative to Tesla with the Mission E. The emotion is aimed at the customers, which a Tesla is simply too boring. In addition, Fisker wants to ensure the fully automated driving (Level 4) with Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging): FUF of these sensors measure abstonish and speed with highest precision. From the duration of light to a reflective element and access, there are also accurate ambient images. Audi in the new A8 as the first manufacturer a comparable system in series. The goal is the maximum safety at driving automation.

When is the solid state battery?

In addition to the emotion, Fisker displays a prototype of the planned solid state battery on the exhibition stand. Maybe it’s part of the American show culture, with the at first glance unbelievable charging time to squeeze a minute for 800 kilometers reach. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look closely – where is the border between wish and reality?

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