Presentation: bmw x2

Presentation: bmw x2

You might think so that it was a sign of unusual creativity, to discover to discover that nobody saw before. Undnadigent Mogen, on the other hand, say that often models arise, which nobody has previously missed. Either way: On product argumentation and sellers, with the new BMW X2, in any case comes a lot of declaration requirement, because rough differences are hard to identify the successful X1.


The difference is above all optical nature. "The BMW X2 is an expression of modern and extroverted vehicle dynamics," escorts the BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk. Chandeliers looked at the X2 looks a little less caught up to me than the X1. The new is a bit smoother and therefore less wrinkled. What is schooner, every one may judge every one. At least from Marz 2018 there is an optical alternative to the BMW X1, although the difference is not too rough.

This is especially true for the interior, in which essentially those style elements were used, from which the two BMW vans and the X1 also assemble. There may be differences in small details, but a new design is not the X2 interior. On the first pictures, a rimmed version with all sorts of expensive ingredients can be seen – the base becomes clearly simple. For a model that is pronounced with such a lot of reprint as fresh, it had a little more whistled. But there is nothing functional to complain.


With 4.36 m, the X2 is as long as a SEAT ATECA and thus slightly short as a BMW X1, which measures 4.44 m. The space of the BMW X2 will be a bit scarce than in the X1. The cargo space swallows at least 470 liters and can be extended by transferring the Ruckbank in the ratio 40:20:40 to up to 1355 liters. The Greater BMW X1 offers a little more with 505 to 1550 liters. The differences are as small as little that they were hard to buy from anyone who is hard to buy.

The base comes from the UKL platform, on which some mini models, the two BMW vans, the X1 and also the next 1er build up. Technically, this means more mean goods as automobiles Haute Couture. Transversely built-in motors, front-wheel drive and charged three-cylinder at the base are nothing unusual in this class. But the beginning make four cylinders from 190 hp. To do this, the internal B47 mentioned two-liter diesel with 190 and 225 hp as well as the gasoline engine with 192 hp pays. The diesel engines remain with the well-known eight-speed transformer automatic, the small gasoline engines get a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Is a hybrid drive?

In the course of 2018, there is still a gasoline with 140 and a diesel with 150 hp. Also with the 252 hp four-cylinder gasoline engine is too expected. Also fit the hybrid drive from the BMW 225xe. Whether he is actually used is not fixed yet. With some security, even stronger engines follow. BMW is committed to the own image, and the clientele becomes a certain part too. However, the performance growth is set at least for the time being: A current six-cylinder does not fit on this platform. BMW will tackle the problem with multiple turbochargers. Who likes, then gets a two-liter four-cylinder with more than 300 hp.

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