Presentation: bmw i3 with 42 kwh battery

Presentation: bmw i3 with 42 kwh battery

One year ago, BMW has undertaken its flagship project I3 primarily – now follows another, small update. There are a few new extras, but above all a big battery. Thus, the I3 in everyday life should now create a route of around 260 km without reloading.

More and more in it

You can not accuse BMW, you will not maintain your prestige model I3. In May 2016 there was a battery upgrade, which increased the net capacity from 22 to 33 kWh. Last year, the entire series was presented and presented with the i3s (Test) a version with minimally increased peak performance – the rated power remained the same. Now follows a further increase in capacity to 42.2 kWh, which BMW follows the trend of general battery development. For the geary electric cars, it is clear that there will be batteries with 40 to 60 kWh medium term. Even at BMW, the end with the current extension is not well achieved.


The cells are still delivered by Samsung and assembled in the BMW plant in Dingolfing. As had the I3 eight modules each with ZWOLF memory cells each. The rough of the battery remains unnecessary, which once again shows how much momentum in development is currently. Currently gross sums into research, which happens that much more manufacturers believe in the electric car than at times the premiere of the i3. In the next three years, the offer will grow overall.

The range in the WLTP overview:

Model range so far range NEW

BMW I3 235 to 255 285 to 310

BMW I3S 235 to 245 270 to 285

BMW itself gives a range under "everyday conditions" from 260 km – 60 km more than before. On FuelMonitor, 45 i3 drivers are currently logging. Filtered after "fuel type: electricity" results in an average electricity demand of almost 15 kWh / 100 km. The I3 can be loaded in three different types. At a 230 volt socket with 2.4 kW charging power, on a wallbox with 11 kW or at a fast charging station with DC. There are then up to 50 kW possible.

New options

New in the i3 is a sports package that essentially consists of 20-inch rims and a sports suspension with 10 mm lowering – in the i3s is the standard mab. In addition, BMW has expanded the list of special equipment: There is now a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is supplied up to ten devices at the same time, and the possibility to load a smartphone inductively. The slightly less survived of the two navigation systems was handled: Here BMW turns to the tile optics already known from other models. LED headlights have been series-mabig since the facelift last year. Now BMW also offers a matrix function, with which other road users are masked. According to our previous experiences, for example in the 330e (test), this lapping works very well at BMW.

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