Presentation: bmw 8er convertible

Presentation: bmw 8er convertible

BMW sets a fabric roof convertible to its new luxury coupe of the 8er series aside. The market import of the open luxury liners with athletic paint is followed in Marz 2019 points to the next convertible season. Also in the cabriolet, the two motor variants 840D XDRIVE and M850i XDRIVE are offered from the coupe known from the coupe.

First 8er Convertible

Thus, for the first time in the company history, an 8-cabriolet is open to the BMW program upwards. In the 90s, the project of an open 8er’s E31 series was spotted in the last second. The tools for production were even purchased. After the removing sale of the coupes of the first 8 series, the board had considered the project and tilted the project. But since the 6 Series as a direct transaction of the current eight traditionally belongs a rough cabriolet, it is no surprise that a cabriolet was created directly in the development of the new top model.


Although the press kit, the rigid body structure of the coupe has hardly made any additional stiffeners for the convertible. With just two tons, the 8er coupe is not exactly easy. Nevertheless, the waiver of a fixed roof with 125 kg of additional weight to beech. This costs two (M850i) resp compared to the fixed roof coupe. Three tenths (840D) in the standard sprint and 0.2 liters in the WLTP. The topboard box, in which the three-ply cloth roof merges up to a driving speed of 50 km / h within 15 seconds also costs space in the trunk. This shrinks to 350 liters. That’s 61 liters less than the coupe.

Warm of everywhere

Even in the interior there are a few convertible specifies. Serious eighth is shipped with a windplug that is locked on the rear. When not in use can be folded together on half of its coarse and stowed in the trunk. Only for the convertible are Neckwarmer obvious. Those integrated into the headstock air travel current is now at convertible with premium claim for good sound. On request, you can then get a hot cooking package with heated armrests in the treatments and center console as well as heated steering wheel. For the sake of perfection, it is still mentioned that the serial leather interior is coated in dark colors sun-repellent to absorb too much in summer. Sun Reflective Technology calls the BMW.

Everything else is identical to the 8er coupe. This also means the convertible has a stand-friendly adaptive chassis with serial all-wheel steering and the again "Intelligent controlled" Four-wheel drive xdrive. We were able to convince ourselves in an M850i Coupe (Test) of its impressive qualities.

Displays instead of pointers

The cockpit also replaces the instrument cluster by the new 12.3-inch screen like the coupe. The series-maby head-up display is again sharp than before and also blends in the sports edition programs and a switching point display.

As well as the coupe, everything is consulted on assistance systems for the cabriolet, which BMW currently has to offer. A parking assistant, the self-storey and parked and on request Ruckwarts the last 50 meters of the backward ride, which were retained prior to insertion of the stage "P" is even standard mabig.

On request, the Cabriolet self-contained the track, can be opened with the smartphone or lignig with a nickname. [Update] The prices had bmw slowly concealed, but with the official publication on the 2. Postponed November 2018. The 840D xDrive starts at 108.000 Euro, the flow of top model M850i XDrive costs at least 133.700 euro. This corresponds to a surcharge of 8000 euros against the coupe. [/ Update]

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