Presentation: bmw 7 series 2019

Presentation: bmw 7 series 2019

Accompanying letters to autonomous innovations often have a very own look at the really bayful things. In the case of the pragmatic Opel Zafira, the authors tried to draw attention to the "cheeky wheelhauser". Without this reference, the danger has probably been roughly overlooking this highlight. The BMW authors do not associate without proud to increase the kidney at the front by 40 percent. But given the previous execution, a further expansion did not seem mandatory. BMW has quite picked up to relevant things.

Asian preferences

Whether the rough sedan has optically won, is certainly a matter of taste. For me, the design seems to have made a step towards Asian preferences. Particularly violent is the intervention on the front: a coarse kidney, smaller headlights, some chrome and a few new edges in the hood make the car pragnant, but in my view also less elegant appear. At the back, the lights were slightly flatter. A three-part chrome panel manufactures an optical connection between the two tailpipes on the right and left.

The overworked 7er partial elements of that design, which was shown for the first time with the 8er presented in 2018. This is followed by a new instrument cluster with semi-circuits for pace and speed. Traditionalists and fans of old BMW brand values will probably take a majority with shivers, but this will not let BMW do not diade from the road to the future.

This future also has the current infotainment system "Operating System 7.0". It is already known from other models and offers not only more functions, but above all a strongly developed voice control. This seems to be a reasonable way to operate the complex expectant systems at all. Especially since the voice controls becomes more and more sensitive. In competition, the gesture control, which has not convinced us in 520D Touring (Test) and M550D (Test) to print it very friendly to print it. Until this has properly interpreted the seashel in front of the screen, a faster way is usually found – for example, the almost freelancable favorite buttons where BMW’s thank-value.


Without additional payment, there is a better amusement damnation, at least partially. All 7s get changes to B-suits, back wheel houses and belt outpieces in the rear. In addition, thicker glass for the rear slices on sides and rear. This comfort glazing will be standard mab in some models, cost at some extra charge.

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