Presentation: audi rs q3 – rs q3 sportback

Presentation: audi rs q3 - rs q3 sportback

When BMW 1973 introduced the Grandiosen 2002 Turbo with mirrored lettering in 1973 on the front of the Olcress, followed a debate in the Bundestag, if there is a such aggressive car in the time. The new SUV Duo Q3 RS and Q3 RS Sportback from Audi threatens that, despite the emotional Wutrede of Greta Thunberg, barely. The sales market is globally considered, and Audi serves him.


The discussion about Possibly Motorized "city gardens" were allowed to further revive such models. The drive side is overall. A 2,5-liter funfzylinder with four valves per cylinder, which can be continuously phased, is 294 kW (400 hp) and offers 480 nm between 1950 and 5850 / min. The powerhouse is compulsory married with a dual-clutch transmission and four-wheel drive.

Currently without competition

The performance are expected: 4.5 seconds in the standard sprint and 250 km / h highest speed calls Audi. On request, up to 280 km / h are possible. To the rough guidance: The similar rough and for a few months no longer available Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 with 381 hp is minimal with 4.4 seconds. The next Gla, with whose idea is to be expected soon, was allowed to get the powertrain with 421 hp from the A 45 s. Further competition is currently not available for the two Q3 RS. BMW deprives to the wet trust – at 306 hp is currently concluded in the X2, and it is not necessary to remain permanent.

A green lacquered fig leaf in the form of mild hybridization saves audi, which seems consistent – the SUV in everyday life is not more economical and interested in no potential buyer anyway. If, if you can find suitable engines in the Q3 offer. Since the NEFZ values are still mandatory to communicate, it can be amed that Audi calls the only consumption data in the obsolete cycle. In combined consumption are 8.8 to 8.9 liters in the data sheet – with less than ten no one should seriously count on everyday life.

Released from the end of 2019

Both can be ordered from October 2019, on the strain must be expected with the first specimens from the end of this year. The standard equipment was allowed to include everything important, without further investment opportunities to crop too far. To the 63.500 euros for the SUV Q3 RS and the 65.000 Euro for the SUV coupe RS Q3 Sportback was almost always a few thousands of light, sound, color and helpers. why? Because Audi takes what to get and the client is ready to pay. In addition, the Ingolstadter can be sure to come to higher stucco numbers as the approach mentioned. At that time, despite external absence after 1672 built 2002 Turbo was concluded.

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