Presentation audi q5

Presentation audi q5

Ingolstadt, 29. September 2016 – We have already admired Audis courage in the introduction of the current expenditure of A4 and A5: completely new models formally placed so close to the procedures, testifies to self-confidence. Whether this is healthy, the liael numbers will show. In the case of Audi, one seems to be convinced by the road to be convinced, whereby the time distance between A4 and Q5 for a course correction in the design anyway too short. And so the new Audi Q5 is quite quite like its process, with the brand hurries to emphasize the technical progress. But the falls in the drive area so far is quite objectionable.

Minimally long

The external tubs remain almost the same. The Q5 puts the most in the long. With now 4.66 meters he is a few inches long than the process, but remains seven centimeters short than an A4 Avant. The wheelbase is identical to 2.82 m at Q5 and A4. The SUV will probably offer a little more space due to a higher seating position, without even bugging at those width, which offers a Skoda Superb with a wheelbase of 2.84 meters. The Skoda Kodiaq was also allowed to be a better deal for people who want plenty of space in the car. At least the A4 Avant and the new Q5 is carried out in the trunk volume: 505 liters are 550 in the Q5 opposite.

Now, a sufficient space is not necessarily what the self-proclaimed premium league wants to settle from the supposed folk models. The Q5 must prove other qualities, not least to justify the upscale pricing performances somehow. As in the new A4 this is supposed to succeed, among other things, by particularly fine materials in the interior – Audi has proven itself in recent years.

Creative list

Of course, the Q5 gets all modern blessings on the way that already accompany the A4. This is followed by a navigation system that can provide Via LTE traffic data in real time – so far you can not last in each place. Also a WLAN network can be set up. As a substitute for a classic instrument cluster, a display in the offer, which can be configured in narrow limits. All these fine things, of course, only there is then as extra if the customer invests in the most expensive navigation system, which means that, similarly as in the A4, around 3000 euros more means. Only the head-up display is also available in connection with the smaller Navi. A certain customized creativity can not be denied audi in the preparation of surcharge lists anyway. For the Q5, there is not such a thing yet, and so there is still the hope that here, unlike in the A4, at least leather steering wheel and cruise control can be installed at no extra charge.

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