Presentation: audi a1

Presentation: audi a1

The very gross success was not a regular the smallest Audis. The AUDI 50 was the VW Polo in the career, the technically exciting A2 was sought after only after the production end. The qualitatively well-made A1 looks terribly serious in addition to the playful mini from BMW. This will not change with the new edition. The developers have evidently focused on building a good car and just not funny.


What should not mean that it is the second A1 out of pragmatically shaped goods. The slots on the boiler grill are guaranteed without important function, the angular prere lights are almost naughty – at least next to a VW polo. With that he shares the platform, on which the current Seat Ibiza builds up. The Skoda Fabia will get you only 2020. As with the polo, the last little sought-after three-sought. In the external decreases the A1 with around 4.06 meters Polo and Ibiza. Against the process he puts 9 cm in the long. Accordingly, the space is also grown in indoor and trunk. With 350 liters almost hardly less than in the current Audi A3 (380 liters) and much gross than in the previous model (270 liters).

The first press pictures of the new interior show as always a well-equipped version. The instrument cluster is a display, in the style, as it can already be seen in various group models. Right next to it sits a gross touchscreen, including the manifested from the A3 operation of climate control. What will be serial mabig, must show. But we expect that the basic model will be clearly decorated. As well as sympathetic we find the idea of offering a rotary control for the loudspark, especially since with this music title and transmitter can be adjusted. But who has come up with the idea of packing him right next to the shift levers? Of course you can use the functions created there also in the steering wheel, but what is installed in the car should be easily used without dislocations.

Polo engines

The engines are already known from Polo and Ibiza, but Audi saves the entry without charging: the smallest gasoline engine already offers 95 hp, the stronger expansion stage 115 hp. Das was allowed to.5 TSI with 150 hp, who also drives a VW Golf right. Also a successor for the S1 should exist, but no longer this year. After the first information, there will be no diesel in the A1 at least for the time being. The sales figures are low in this class anyway, and Volkswagen offers two self-zunder both in Polo and Ibiza. The same applies well also for the 90 hp natural gas engine. If the preferences of customers develop differently than expected, Audi can refill. All models will certainly fulfill the exhaust standard Euro 6D-Temp – hardly conceivable that the brand will give a bloobe given the current development in this regard.

On the market comes the new edition in October 2018. Aubert Audi does not have to praise, but the group models at the same base can be guessed in which direction it works. The Polo currently costs at least 17 with the 95-horsepower gasoline engine.200 euros. Since Audi sees itself as a Nobel brand and also documented this over an upscale price expectance, the base A1 is hardly under 18.To have 000 euros. A lot of money for a small car that responds again rather the rational car buyers and not those who put a pleasure buy.

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