Portugal: out of the euro!

The book by Joao Ferreira is the best-selling book in the country and has opened the debate for the euro exit

"Why we should get out of the euro" (Porque Devemos Sair Do Euro) is the best-selling book in Portugal. Clarifier could not be done as the mood is in the crisis-shattered country. Published in April, the book of the Portuguese Oconomen Joao Ferreira do Amaral in the country even has the erotic novel "shades of grey" uberholt, the Europe-wide a bestseller is. The book helped to be debated now on television and in the communication media on the question about the question that occurred just over three years ago (Portugal debates over "Exclusion from the euro"To).

"For Gluck, the topic is no more taboo", said the author in one of the many interviews he is currently giving. He is pleased that in the country and internationally a broad debate was drawn. The fact that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has just reported about it shows that the debate has not only crossed the boundaries of the small country on the western edge of Europe, but even the Atlantic. "Portugal has no ways to grow strongly in the euro", Graced the man who once worked in the Ministry of Finance, why the land of a strong unitary food should sweep the jerking. "The exit from the euro is closer than we think", That’s why the WSJ says . A corresponding article for reasonsion is today in German translation in the "world" appeared.

Portugal: Out of the euro!

Only the return to Escudo and its devaluation of Portuguese were cheaper and again competitive – and that also applies to tourism, says Ferreira do Amaral. And it is no coincidence that plane will be forged in Berlin and Paris. (Clearance of Europe is increasing on the agenda). It should be clear that the Austrian policy does not work despite all the efforts, the Portuguese Okonom exploves the fact that the budget deficit has risen sharply in the previous year last year, instead of sinking as planned.

Portugal is not an individual case, but the failure of the austerity policy is also valid for Spain and Greece – Lander, which is becoming increasingly deeper in the recession. This explodes unemployment to ever new record values and revenues for social banks and taxes break. "The next step is to make us clear us that the euro is simply not future-proof", Does the book author think. The warnings that at an exit the Lohne break and Portugal isolated goods gain, given the fact that the wage level has fallen sharply in recent years, without the promised positive effects to see.

In the country, his view is also shared by the General Secretar of Communists (PCP). Jeronimo de Sousa will also participate in the mass protests against the conservative government, which called on Thursday the Trade Union Association CGTP throughout the country. The general strike was postponed to June to integrate the smaller UGT Trade Union Association. But at the weekend, the emports across the country will continue to go to the straws throughout the international protests against the Troika policy in all the city.

Portugal, which has already produced the emotion movement, is always good for surprises. Left militars have peacefully in 1974 the dictatorship genturztt to bring the country the democracy. A social explosion is less and less likely given the massive impoverishment. It is well possible that soon the Portuguese civilized the collar and hunt the Troika to the hell (Colossal Protest in Portugal). This has been worked for a long time. The more modest Portuguese could then turn to the Icelandic success now outside the euro.

That the Social Democrats in Iceland have just been reproduced is no role ruckwarts (role Ruckwarts?To). In 2009 they had an EU membership application and wanted to continue the accession negotiations in the event of re-election. In particular, the Wahl has given the planned EU accession, the euro and the loss of sovereignty a cancellation that Landers like Portugal have almost completely delivered to the Troika.

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