Political highway

Political highway

Europe 1941/42. Map: San Jose. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Europe as a National Socialist idea

Although Europe is usually presented today as an idea that came after the Second World War, so there was already before. Also in National Socialism, who gave up the self-maintained self-maintained self-maintained self-maintained self-grooms during the Second World War in favor of one of Europe under German lead.

In 1943, a book published by the former Minister of Economic Affairs was published with the title of European Economic Community, which, among other things, goes to the abolition of casting in a European internal market, agricultural bvings, a unitity of units and the entry or exclusion of Turkey. Any questions, which also played a role in the EU and their direct runners.

In Joachim von Ribbentrop, Heinz concretized by Homeyer this tarpaulin in his memorandum War decision – the thought of Europe.1 Its draft of a European confeper includes a total of 13 states and should be under management of Germany and Italy. Benito Mussolini agreed with the project in his manifest of Verona. During France, in the case of mood, the Jura Professor Friedrich GrimM Propaganda leadership of the European agreement, which at the end both the Marseillaise and the Germanyong song had to be sung.

An important role in the National Socialist European Plancing played the idea of a "Fortress Europe", it against "Asian hordes", Bolsheviks and "Yankee Gangster" (Alfred Rosenberg) to defend Galt. Today, today’s explanations, why the EU is to be alternative, often often in a reflex geopolitical opposition to the US, Russia or China.

That Europe – as well as the motorways2 – (also) is a National Socialist idea, but does not necessarily have to live that it is bad. But it should be thought if the project continues to be sacralized as before. Self, who only questions individual balancing, roves taboos very quickly: Peter Gauweiler went as he criticized the opaque catching contract and the staple rescue shavings. And so it went to the old burger rights liberal Burkhard Hirsch, who warned unearth in an open letter to the FDP basis, peace in Europe is less due to lack of "Rescue plan" danger than through "Centralized solutions".

Not yet open contradiction loose, on the other hand, the assertion established by Angela Merkelpel in September, the euro is one "Peace project", because Lander with common safeguard no wars were drilled. Counterprints knows the story. And the national resentments do not seem to have decreased with the European politics of the last months and years, but have been significantly increased:

In Germany, coarse parts of the press discovered the lazy Sudlander and the "Perfide Albion". In the rest of Europe, the tradition well-maintained tradition, especially from the British Boulevard Press, to present Germans with National Socialist utensils: In France, Angela Merkel paints with pimple hood and in Italy, the land of storage films immediately in SS uniform, with two-wedding and under the headline "Heal Merkel". In Canal +, the puppet cartoon of the Chancellor calls the German word known in France "job!", During Nicolas Sarkozy German Panzer let in the country. And in Poland, the opposition called for a state tribunal for Aufenkister Radoslaw Sikorski, because he said he fear the "Inaction" of the western neighbor more than its power true.

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