Poland: is the opposition behind the abhorefarms?

The Polish newsweek wants to possess evidence for the involvement of the pis, which could come back to power because of the affare

Who stuck behind the AbhareFarms, who cost the Polish ruling party Burger Plattform (PO) so much trust and probably on 25. October with an election slap?

The current Polish newsweek believes to have evidence that the environment of the opposition party "Law and justice" (Pis) behind it.

Poland: Is the opposition behind the AbhoreFare?

The political landscape of Poland was pushed in 2014 by protocols, which the news magazine "WPROST" published (is the energy sector behind the illness attack?To). Top politicians The butt and high officials were secured at the chat in restaurants. Poland’s Office became as witness to make-up, tilting of competitors and vulgarisms. The homested publications are located in Aufemister Radoslaw Sikorski’s comment, the Polish-American farm "worthless".

After further protocols from the Internet were discovered by a car dealer in the following year, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz built their cabinet in this June: they forced three ministers and three State Secretaries, which already to the parliamentary divested Sikorski as well as the Attorney General for the Jerking to the creditancy of the To save government.

But that does not seem to succeed. Continuously the Po with ten percent behind the PIS, which has already won in May with Andrzej Duda the elections for the office of state prosecision (Poland: Andrzej Duda wins Prasidential election with social promise). PIS party feet Jaroslaw Kaczynski plans a social order with a strong state in the style of the Hungarian Premier Viktor Urban.

As a tader, the businessman Marek Falenta and two waiters who implemented the lousy attack were so far. The indictment of the Polish prosecutor in Warsaw is on a crime of economic reasons, against further possible wire drawers is not determined. However, the newsweek wants to be owned by Kellner’s Verhal Documents, which meadows PIS contacts Falentas. The magazine can also demonstrate inconsistencies in the statements of the secret service coordinator of Parliament and PIS party member Martin Bozek, who should have known according to a witness Faleta, the director of the dependency,. Bozek denies this. However, the prosecutor does not want to refer to these and also the request of the former Aufemister Radoslaw Sikorskis after a survey Bozek’s.

The Affare uses the opposition in the election campaign. Since the covered sponsors especially in the restaurant "The owl and your friends" had occurred Beata Szydlo, the pis-candidate for the prime vests, on the weekend Ironically a restaurant in Warsaw with the name "Ewa and her friends". Played on Ewa Kopacz. The visitors can experience the fired former politicians as papfigures in life-gray on finely covered tables. The PO requires the public prosecutor’s opinion.

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