Poland: extensive breakdown of public life

Poland: extensive breakdown of public life

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieci. Image: KPRM / CC0

The Polish government has decided on a comprehensive breakdown of public life due to the Covid 19 pandemic

"We should avoid any accumulation", said the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki before the press on Wednesday, "This also includes educational institutions."

The Polish government has decided on a comprehensive breakdown of public life due to the Covid 19 virus. From today, national schools, kindergarten and universities of the country for two weeks are closed . Also affected are cinemas, theater, museums and other public institutions. The churches alone remain open in the almost exclusive Catholic country. Even if the episcopacy recommends old people to pursue the trade fair via television.

"It’s time for the quartane of our society", Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said with a gloomy expression and advised the Eleven to stay obediently at home and not only to think about it, they are about vacation. You want to avoid behavior as in Italy.

For a long time the country was officially spared by the virus, only last week there was the first case – a 66-year-old visitor to the carnival in Heinsberg, the German hotspot of the infection, came back with complaints to Zielona Gora (Grunberg).

According to State of Thursday, there are currently 47 people in Poland, which are infected by the Covid-19 virus, including a Spanish employee of the EU agency Frontex, which has its headquarters in Warsaw and therefore had to be ruled. Almost 1000 people are after media reports in Quarteraine.

The Polish Minister of Health insured the Office that the country is prepared for the challenge, so there is 10.000 ventilation gates, this rich. Persons in which the virus leads to strong health problems often suffer from a pneumonization, against which the ventilation gates are necessary. However, several hospitals in Poland already report now that disinfectants, masks and protective clothing are missing.

The opposition party "Burger platform" PO criticized the government for that unclear how many tests are available for the virus and where they were available. Just 2000 people have been tested in Poland so far. Thus, the small number of infected ones are also explained.

The sudden failure of the educational institutions represents the Polish parents from gross challenges. Because 65 percent of the polishes in the work of work are also professional. Still on Thursday and Friday, the children can be delivered to the supervision in schools and kindergarten for the supervision, until then the professional parents have found a solution. Parents of children under eight years get financial support when they stay at home.

However, many workers will access their own parents for children’s hat, especially in the country. This age group is considered particularly danger.

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