Plug and pray

Modern change of denomination costs with matching computer program only mouse click

In these undisteen times, not only the convictions of Emperor Franz like the boro courses. Comrade Day survey is sitting on the cabinet table, which Catholics want to marry the Protestants and vice versa. Who does not lose his faith, but often changed, for which there is now on the respective world religions tailored learning programs.

More and more people believe nowadays, not without the computer or. The Cyber community of Internet users can live. And many believe in the face of the global "matrix"-Hypes probably that we are in a reality construct generated by a tremendous computer program (cf. Matrix refused). Unless the Neo-young but blob blobed the mischiefs on damn cool designer leather coat and designer sunglasses, as equivalent to the capitalist shopping credo. Anyway: the religious or spiritual world of traditional provenance and the digital world like to penetrate, both are not so quite tangible for the normal mortal.

If you do not yet believe in a hyper computer than God replacement, there is software with traditional faith content. But she has been aiming for little modern people who remain conservatively from the cradle to the stretcher their lifelong faith and practicing their religion in addition to the monitor even before the monitor. There are awesome screensavers or a uplifting computer game was in Heaven for Christians, for the supposedly so relented Muslims after all, the practical prayer scheduler or the Koran e-book . Already in 1998, the Lazarus Society depleased the German churches in Holy Anger when she wanted to sell the confession by computer as a software program to credes.

You should be able to select the individually spoiled four-click in a list and has been informed by the program Stuns Pede over the appropriate BUBE. At the Ratzinger! However, the essential feature of absolution was unfortunately not installed, whereupon the church father indulged and rightly pointed out. As a result, Suchas is Schnode business-referering with the faith, the bishops scolded. However, at this point, the somewhat heretical reference can not be understood that the personal walk in the confessional of the Beichtstuhr before Easter – turned on the church tax – still a bit more than just about 40 euros cost, which raises the Lazarus Society for the program wanted (and of which had gone well seven euros to beneficial organizations anyway).

But what about the man of today (and certainly in the future in the future), which lives flexibly without solid bonds, the residence, workplace, partners, political convictions and brands ascribed as it requires the existence fight in the globalized site? Who already believes lifelong the same, where so unexpected icons such as Helmut Kohl and Uschi Glas as a Sunder have proved?! And who had believed that Bob Hope (hope) could still die over? You should react flexibly to a reasonable way and can change the current trend according to the faithfulness.

Plug and pray

Now the Italian software manufacturer Hally Soft helps. From the Muslim to the Jews, from the Christian to the Buddhist, the conversion possibilities in our religious differentiated world are many.

If your new supervisor with Green Card has a cow in the garden, take the Hindu kit and also make career without bovine roast, for example. If the wife asks you too much with low carnal sucked, legs on the Buddhist CD-ROM and you will find peace of mind. No, Ma`am, I Want BrainSex. And for the Middle East Conflict, the smart Holysoft Ghost, Ah Host now even a special kit, with which one could produce the Iron Sharon curtain between Jews and Muslims as a religious bordergarmer in the Holy Land.

Plug and pray

Because you always always stand on the right side. This could also be interesting for the all-time of unfavorable US missionaries in the unruly Iraq protectorate – or in other words: a Muslim kit behaved along with laptop before the stay in Falludscha or Tikrit actually necessarily in every tornister. That had to make a self-promoted PLAYBOY to the preacher-converted Commander-in-chief, who likes to look at his soldiers as a warrior’s warrior anyway. When he is flexible. But whether the rather inflexible on Allah-fixed Arabs did not look through the religious masquerade and condemned, the woman only God. Maybe we lack the faith.

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