Planned plant for battery cells in thurigen

Planned plant for battery cells in thurigen

The Chinese manufacturer Catl wants to produce battery cells for electric cars in Thuringen. Planned is a construction of the Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (Catl), said state Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) of the dpa in Erfurt. Details about the coarse project, over which it had given weeks of speculation, were posted on Monday afternoon (9. July 2018) presented in Berlin, Read Tiefensee. An agreement to the battery cell plant should be signed earlier in the context of German-Chinese government consultations.

Tiefensee spoke of one of the most important industrial investments of the past ten years in Thuringen. The country has the opportunity to "rise to one of the most important European locations for battery technology". To dpa-Information is the construction of the work in Thuringen’s big industrial area "Erfurt Cross" planned in several stages. First, a three-digit million amount should be invested. In the conversation, several hundred million euros were, strolled it in Erfurt. In the long term, up to 1000 jobs were created.

That Handelsblatt Had reported short, BMW wanted to order the battery cells for his electric vehicles of the upcoming generation "inext" at Catl. "We have just awarded a billion application to Catl," said the newspaper BMW board leader Harald Kruger quoted. With Catl you have started very early a partnership and used for the construction of a work in Europe. Daimler should also be loud too Handelsblatt to contribute to a delivery by Catl. Asian corporations apply to the battery cell production as a guided. German car manufacturers rather focus on the competence on the connection of the cells to battery packs for E cars.

Catl should be in the "Erfurt Cross" between Erfurt and Arnstadt, which is accessible via two highways, an approximately 80 hectares of coarse area. In addition to the central location in Germany – also to potential customers – the infrastructure should be spoken inelectively a high-performance power connection for the location. The Chinese should also pround other locations in Europe. Tiefensee had already signaled in a few weeks ago Thuringen’s gross interest in industrial settlement. He had emphasized that the state government "will do anything to support the company in the realization in Thuringen".

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