Pedigree tree up to the bronze period?

Gentests showed that the genome of 16 people from the Sosetal in the district of Osterode coordinates and similarities with that of people who already lived there in the Bronze Age.

Because the DNAs from skelets found in a hollow was still so well preserved that they could be analyzed completely, scientists of the University of Gottingen tested the genome of 273 people from the Sosetal, who will readily prepared for the investigation.

The comparison of the DNS patterns revealed, as announced today by the University of Gottingen, that there were 11 people, of which genetic patterns were identical to such bones found in the Lichtensteinhohle. Four people showed coordinations of the mitochondrial regions HVR1, which is inherited via the Vollian line.

In seven manners, a total of a total of two sections in the Father Line. However, because the meticulous genetic samples also occur in other parts of Europe, this is no proof of relatives – although according to the Gottinger scientists "with some probability" Among the 11 people are relatives of the bronze magistrate.

For this reason, the investigation of the inheritance of 27 persons, in which Verlichen sequences vires in the HVR1 region, was not pursued: these reference patterns simply occur in Europe. For the scientists, further fun cases are of coarse interest, where the Y-chromosomal pattern is very similar and at the same time very rare. The deviation to the bones from the bronze period was in this funf falling a coarse of a magnitude as it occurs in the legal medical field between vaters and grooves.

Now it is said to be determined by biostatist analysis, to what extent the total of 16 people is actually a more than 3000 years old pedigree. At the IBSBER dripstone hawle, a hollow information center should now be built in which plastic reconstructions of a small family in the hollow pious family should be. The results of the genes and the comparative tests only filled with as the family will not be redhead. All other hair colors, from dark brown to blond, are genetically seen in a category.

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