Parlold shared personal data with us investigations

The now closed social network Parler, gave inquiry information to the FBI. How Business Insider reports, the information for arresting a support of the right-wing extremist grouping Proud Boys lilted.

The user had created a munitions supply and threatens the short-elected, black Senator Raphael Warnock from Georgia, to the dead. In the oath explanation of an FBI agent who exists business insiders, the FBI has received information from Parler to identify the user. Using the phone number assigned to the account, it succeeded in the suspicious.

No untypical behavior of tech companies

The arrested traveling on 6. January ultimately not after Washington D.C., But remained in his hometown of New York, where there is "enough goals" after his statement ". It was not the first time that Parler cooperated with investigations. According to Business Insiders, the platform gave information about a user in December last year, the threatening Prasident Donald Trump, strike freak AMY Coney Barret and Trump-near Lawyers to be displaced. The publication of user data on investigations is generally not unusual behavior of tech companies.

Many users of the platform, which is popular especially in right circle, posted publicly planes, the Capitol in Washington D.C. want to want to. The social network is now offline after Amazon did not become a long preparation to host Parler.

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