Overlong truck: one-year-old field trial planned

Over 25 meters long trucks should soon be moved via German straws – in the context of a nationwide field trial of one year duration. A corresponding working group to design the project has been working today, shared the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVBS). At the table sit next to officials of the BMVBS representative of the Supreme Traffic Agitations of the Lander and the Federal Institute for Strailling.

The coordinator of the Federal Government for good deals and logistics, Andreas Scheuer, explained that one invoked with the project "new territory": "If it is feasible, we want to create so immense relief for good deals. Of course, it is: There must be no risks for traffic safety and infrastructure." The "Long truck" Moving mainly on the current strip network, for example, a route exercise is excluded via high equivalent railway breast ranges, and the long trucks were not used in the larger traffic.

The working group should first define the requirements for drivers, vehicles and the routes and scientific accompaniment. The next step will then be an Escape Ordinance, which the BMVBS is adopted after hearing the land. Then the start date should be set. The ministerial exemption is used to avoid complex approval procedures.

Long truck also impressively reflects a trade fair hall: This specimen was a guest at the IAA commercial vehicles in the fall of 2008 in Hanover.

In a first opinion on the field trial with the so-called XXL trucks, the ADAC demanded that the pilot project no "show event on highways" remain thirst, rather the attempt to make a serious judgment about the risks outstanding from the long trucks. A limitation of the experimental rides on the highways as with Fruheren Tests in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia rejects the automotive club.

"With a permanent at least of the new coarse truck, it will not fail that these vehicles are on the road on landscapes with local passes. Therefore, the risks must be explored mainly in the subordinate strip network, "said Adac-Viceprasident Ulrich Klaus Becker. Special hazards by the XXL trucks the ADAC sees when driving on local passes as well as on district verbrees and turning to intersections. Greater risks empowered by name for cars on landscape, where the overcoming normal long truck is already dangerous.

The maximum long for trucks in the EU generally amounted to 16.5 meters, limbs (truck with pendant) can be up to 18.75 meters long in the EU. In some Member States, however, XXL trucks are already with a maximum length of 25.25 meters and up to 60 tons overall weight. But today it bothered today that the long trucks in the field trial a total weight – in Germany generally for truck – maximum weight of 40 tons can not exceed.

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