Other tesla battery began hours after accident fire

Investigations of American accident investigators after crash of Tesla vehicles increases more and more questions about the fire hazard after heavy damage to electric car batteries. Even after a collision in May, the First of all the Battery of a Tesla Model S began two times: only when loaded to removal, then on the parking space. After an accident in Marz in California, the battery had even escaped for fun days later. The US government NTSB examines the trap to make recommendations for dealing with battery cars for electric cars.

In both cases, the Tesla vehicles were largely burned out and the battery packs were heavily damaged. Tesla emphasizes that electric cars rarely came on fire than vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, lithium-ion batteries are known for damaging when they are damaged – the coarse battery packs of electric vehicles can be violent and burn with a lot of heat. Firefighters are often uncertain whether they are supposed to break this brande with water or foam. With the expected spread of electric cars in the coming years, the NTSB wants to determine the right procedure.

In the accident in Florida in May, the driver of the Tesla had lost control at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour (160 km / h) in a curve and was bounced against a wall, as in the Tuesday published premium NTSB Report shows. For the strain portion, a speed limit of 30 miles per hour (48 km / h) was. In California, a Tesla Model X was driven into a concrete poller on the highway. Here, the NTSB also examines the role of driving assistance software autopilot, which was active in the crash. In May, a Tesla burned after an accident on a highway in Switzerland.

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