Operated nissan qashqai in the driving report

Operated nissan qashqai in the driving report

Herten, 25. Marz 2010 – The place was well chosen: Instead of highly glossy environment, the lit Nissan Qashqai stood in the middle of the Ruhr area. Those who only think of an interplay between smoking torts and disused industrial plants from Gray Time, that was said: Also in the Ruhr area there is plenty of grun! Such a spot has chosen Nissan to jerk his most important model in the right light.

Developed and built in Europe

For three years there is the Qashqai. Of the vehicles of the series sold more than half a million in Europe, every tenth to Germany went to Germany. In addition to the small car Micra, the compact SUV with the cryptic name is thus the most important model of Nissan in this country. That is to be the case with the Japanese, which was completely developed in Europe and built here, also art.

New front

The optical changes are gently. The most recent is the redesigned front. Well, the car is the less powerful, highlighted far into the body’s headlights. The Kuhler Grill is now waiting with a honeycomb structure. Also the front stobbar and the fecal flights were modified and give the Qashqai a dynamic effect. At the rear there are changed jerk lights, which now wear two-tone deck glass. The other innovations are two additional paint colors and newly designed 17-inch alloy wheels.

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