Open treatments in us politicians who strongly power for cyber security

The Buro of the Congressman Bennett has been very haunted by the homepage worm

The Republican Senate member Robert Bennett had already made a stronger for more security in Cyberspace. Among other things, he was chaired by the Year 2000 committee and is still strong for high-tech topics. Now it has caught him the lack of security itself. One of his staff, how newsBytes spit the appendix in an email, which became active at the time-circumferential homepage virus.

Whether it was the politician itself or one of his employees, it does not matter. In such cases, hardly technical or even legal security may help, but the goods that people are also clear about possible dangers on the Internet and do not blindly do everything. They were not in real life, where no absolute security is also produced. However, one had to expect that a politician who has long since procured with the question of cyber security, also his employees pointed to the potential dangers.

So the worm has also moved in Bennett’s Outlook Address Book and replicated by passing on to all addresses found there. Even if the worm is otherwise relatively harmless and no files destroyed, it may be embarrassing if the sender of Bennett’s worm was sent to journalists, politicians or business people. At 200 addresses the worm, so Bennetts spokeswoman Mary Collipiest gone. Maybe it was more. For this, the worm probably tried in the Buro to open one of the four porn sites in the browser.

Allegedly, the culprit has quickly noticed what he has done, so that the for the computers of Bennett’s Buro stated admin at the 200 Address Warnmails. According to ColliPriest, so far, there was no idea if Bennett intentionally received the worm because of his attitude for cyber security or just random.

Bennett had recently announced to present the proposal for the security of the Internet. Now, so Collipiest, you will first see the security of your own computer systems. And maybe this experience is also in the proposals. In any case, Bennett has not turned to the police because of the worm.

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