Only the nerves do not lose

Borsengang of last minute.Com floats despite media hype on the edge of the debacle

Always excitement around Borsengeange of internet start-ups, so the motto of this season was loud. The greatest pirouettes turned the story of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Lastminute.Com last week in London.

Even before the shares of the Internet travel purse were traded on the Borse, no day passed the company’s urban Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane Fox did not traded as the new Dotcom-Entrepreneur Wunderklers. Especially the feiche – now, look is always a matter of taste but we only give the general trend of reporting again – Martha Lane Fox was already traded as a zeitgeist-icon for courage to the venture and the right director for the business of the future. Female, Upper Class, Blonde, Oxford educated, came towards the needs of English media as a leit character of the e-commerce age.

In fact, when the stock came to the market on Tuesday, at a price of 380 pence, there was enough euphoria to the course until Wednesday the 15. Briefly push up to 515 pence. But the next day the buyers had to learn that internet courses can also fall, and dramatically. After a random of more than 30 percent on Thursday, the course committed itself on Friday with something about 380 pence and scratches today on a similar level of just over the ie price.

It seems that the market began to worry about relatively spat, what does this company actually do. It sold "in the last minute" – Mainly but not only – complete holidays and flights, also also theater cards, restaurant reservations and specialized services in Great Britain, France, Germany and Sweden. The revenue comes from commissions that are paid by travel companies and airlines. Even if last the traveling journey in the Great Britain was rice to itself, the revenue recoverable by commissions are still limited. And, a prophecy, last minute, the travel shaft will not rice to itself, because Thomas Cook (British Aquivalent to Neckermann) has now come to the web, as well as numerous competitors too. Somehow, the igniting idea is missing at this lastminute story.

The almost 190.At the moment, private individuals who have registered for the purchase of 35 shares each will hat themselves to sell them, because at the current course came, the broker fees are considered, a loss out. The online magazine The Register, which is always to sarcastic jokes, said, so many private investor could now be inclined to exchange his equity package against one out of the channel fishing, rusty, old bicycle.

But that will not prevent Minister of Finance Gordon Brown, in his tomorrow’s budget speech from the future of Greaky Britain as an ideal e-commerce country to speak. The New Labor Government is the trummer of the Rover Empire (remember, they have made cars) around the ears and 50.000 workplaces in the already impoverished northwest are in danger. There will be Mr.Brown rhetorically had to put in stuff, so that the principle of hope in the e-commerce saga the upper hand retain.

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