Online conference: mastering websecurity – making web applications secure

Online conference: mastering websecurity - making web applications secure

Almost every company today has to deal with the development of web applications. However, this also brings with it the challenge of uncovering security vulnerabilities and thus fending off attackers. In the online conference Mastering Websecurity on 21. April, you will learn from experienced developers and security experts how to make your web applications secure.

Starting with an analysis of the OWASP Top Ten, the online conference will provide practical knowledge in cryptography and basic web application security. The experts show how agile threat modeling can help in terms of security and which security holes lurk in Node.js and npm. A look at modern authentication techniques rounds off the conference and gives you the necessary know-how to protect your web applications from attackers.

Participants can follow the presentations of renowned experts from the comfort of their own desks – the event will be livestreamed. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without interaction options: You can ask questions via chat during the presentations, the speakers are also available for questions after the presentation and you can exchange ideas with like-minded participants.

Early booking and group discounts

Up to 9. April, interested parties can register for the conference at the early bird price of 149 euros. After that, the event will cost 199 euros. The conference is also available in full after the fact, including access to all conference materials. Exclusive group offers are available upon request from the organizers, and more information is available on the conference website.

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