Ol or culture

The criticism is rugged not only abroad, even two consultants of the woman’s house are back, because the museum in Baghdad was not taught to the Olmounty before plunderers

That the US soldiers, although pre-warned, made nothing against the piloting and destruction of the unique cultural estate in the National Museum and in the National Library Baghdad, but apparently other things like the Olmount’s Ministry seemed to have shaped for many to a metaphor for the interests and the nature of the To be culture to be brought to Iraqis from the Bush government after liberation ("Happens"To). Two advisers of the woman’s house, which are state-of-culture, are already back from Arger and shame already.

OL or Culture

Although the US army not only has departments for psychological operations and propagandam stresses, but also for art. The orientation is a little one-sided, but institutionally arranged. But you do not shy away from the tradition and is also an artists who are more or less free the history of the US militar for example with olfarben on canvas. In a few years, the accumulated works will be admired in a museum, which must be built, of course, only. But you can already guess that in the new paintings from the Iraq war, so far, at least the mother of all battles for the Supreme Warlord Bush, the less pleasing aspects would hardly be considered as a presentation. The pounding of the museum from the part of the old world, in which the (urban) culture took its exit, under the eyes of the heavily armed occupying power, which stands at the premounced end of the story begun, was probably not an ie that the nobility leave will.

The model has already envisioned the US Foreign Office with a Photo Documentation. Here, too, you will indulge in pictures as they are much more strongter than words. From the war itself you do not like it anymore. Victims and destruction are already past or at best new business fields, if first the UN "OL-FUR food"-Program ended and then the Iraqi ol for reconstruction through those who have steamed, or rather for those who have a professional army for himself, bubbles. The communication adapted to the media age and strategic communication is already the title already "The liberated Iraq". The look back, which the US government does not like to be happy, always ends where the liberators are buried as such by the cheering masses, especially children.

And it’s already, as well as an American soldier, representative of American civilization, the deputy for the "civilized world" And this caring for law and order ensures that is detained by laughing Iraqis: everything is good! Soldiers laid out, as their job is to babies, serve Iraqi children and adults medically, give foods, sneak friendship with children. It is everyday life in a liberated land, as so many could give. Children overtake on bicycles US tanks and are looking forward to eating and drinking from the liberators. MAN plays Volkerverbinding together Fubball, also stumbling quickly a statue of Hussein and otherwise goes to his staff. Well, you will expect anything else from the US government. Finally, you want to sell your policy like every government.

But the encounter of age and new world in the liberation campaign, which is more about the OL as the culture, is still symbolic. Also, the dollarization of the IRA is obviously striking. With 50 million US dollars, the Iraqis wants to overshoot, but only with it to do with money in the "Hande of a desperate people" bring to.

However, from simple soldiers who are probably completely stressed faster than expected in a 5 million people inhabited city with probably bad expectations, one will not accept that they are doing everything, cultural heroes who probably not tell themselves much, to protect. That was also the case with the old ROMs. Although the Ministry of Defense has reciprocated the history-bearing places of culture from the bombing, but probably – who had also adopted by Rumfeld, Wolfowitz, Frank, and consultants such as Pearl or Rice? – Otherwise, apparently no coarse thoughts wasted about it (conspiracy theories that soldiers not only prevent the pounding through organized bands, but had also bothered, let’s just set aside). Also from the praised George Bush, who preferably in the combat dress in front of well-disciplined and speaks at the right places applauding soldiers, no special penchant is known for culture.

Now the damage has occurred – and the US government promises to do everything in view of the damage you have to answer for, to protect the cultural taste in Iraq and get the stolen again. Recently, Rumsfeld was looking for this to go over. One should not blame that that Konne has happened. It was war, well, and the pair vases … Rumsfeld was never particularly sensitive, but here he showed himself a little difference from the barbarians who only waited until Americans came to Baghdad to pound the museum. The impression that has been created, one will once again contribute to something: "As we already said", So Claire Buchan, a spokeswoman of the woman’s house, "In the liberation of Iraq, the United States have undertaken to protect the infrastructure of Iraq and to protect the valuable resources of Iraq for the people of Iraq. It is disclaimed that the museum was pruddled and damaged." That the "Infrastructure" For the liberators Primar other included, you can see from this helpless explanation.

This is how this also sees Martin Sullivan, the head of the advisory committee of the woman’s house for the cultural heritage, who had explained his jerking in a letter to Bush on Monday. Also Gary Vikan, member of the committee, joined the jerk. If the US government had seen the value of Sumerian clay panels for the past, "As we do that at the OL, with which we get somewhere, then this would not happen", Criticized Vikan. Sullivan criticized that the US militar in "Extraordinary precision and reuse" Weapons used – "Obviously also to protect the Olflyminium and Olfelder" -, but that you have done nothing to protect cultural heritage.

Not only the Olmsmund in Baghdad was written by the liberists, to the first actions in the invasion also paid the securing of olsequers. The stressed Bush also once again at the anchorage of the military success of the war to be responsible:

From Kabul to Baghdad, American Forces and Our Fine Allies Have Conducted Some of the Most Successful Military Campaigns in History. By A Combination of Creative Strategies and Advanced Technology, We Are Redfining Was on Our Terms. (AppLause.) Even Before The Fighting Began in Iraq, Special Operations Forces Were Inside The Country, Moving in to Protect Key Infrastructure, Protect The Oil Fields Owned By The Iraqi People, Secure Vital Bridges. Overwhelmingly, Yet Carefully Targeted, Air Strikes Left Entire Enemy Divisions Without Armor and Without Organization. Precision Guided Weapons Fally Disrupted The Regime’s System of Command And Control.

The allegedly in Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction are just no more like the victims and the damage the subject of Bush. People have been released from a nightmare that the US has supported Iraq as in Afghanistan as long as it served the interests. The human rights violations of the Hussein regime were eklatant in the 1980s. An attack war and poison gas occupants are little. But the Bush America is free of every mistake and brings pure freedom:

One Week Ago, Baghdad What Filled With Statues and Giant Pictures of the Dictator. They’re Kid of Hard to Find Today. (Laughter.) The Fall of That Statue in Baghdad Marked The End of a Nightmare for the Iraqi People, And It Marked The Start of A New Day of Freedom. (AppLause.To)

With the statues, other objects have disappeared or were destroyed who had survived the dictatorships themselves. Now the FBI has sent a team in Iraq to find the stolen cultural taste again. UNESCO has demanded emergency considerations to prevent the sale worldwide with the incarnations. The Director-General Koichiro Matsuura is for the introduction of a time-restricted Embargos on a UN resolution for the acquisition of Iraqi cultural providers.

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