Of the “power woman”, the europe guttut” to “german eu superstate fanatic”

Of the'powerfrau', die europa guttut' bis zur 'german eu superstate fanatic'

Ursula von der Leyen. Photo: Mueller / MSC. License: CC BY-SA

The media landscape is split by the Leyen regarding Ursula

At 16. July is aimed to approve the European Parliament Ursula von der Leyen as a new EU Commission’s Practitioner. In some German leaving media, which they criticized shortly before as Defense Minister, the for a good idea. “With her power, the Leyen Guttun was Guttun,” says, for example, Margarete Van Ackeren in the Focus, which the politician from the Albrecht dynasty adopted a “creative creative will” and “popularity in the population”.

In the world Ralf-Dieter Brunowsky, the “convinced Europe” have “the best conditions for the job”, “a political heavyweight, which in NATO and in Europe Genuvied High reputation”, and Konnne “a rough chance for Europe be”.

Differences between France and England, Germany and Austria

The time is lucas Guttenberg, the vice director of the Jacques-Delors-Think tank, slightly backing judgments, from the Leyens rejection in the EU Parliament would be a mistake. For Julia Barth from the Studio-Financed ARD Hauptstadstudio, Merkel is long-term familiar “not the worst solution” because she will be “after all a German Commission boss”.

In the French press, the nominees is also praised frequently. The Catholic daily newspaper La Croix Prove them because of their sex as “important impulse” and “already signal that sends Europe to the rest of the world”. The Nouvell Observator is a “equality of the European heads of state and government of the Power Positions” and Le Monde a “energetic” seven-fold mother.

Other perspectives can be found not only in the British press (where the politician who explained in 2011, their “goal” are “the United States of Europe”) from the Sun as an “Ultra Federalist” and the Express as “German EU Superstate Fanatic “is characterized, but also in the Easter-Rich. There, the little newspaper entilled that for the inherited luxurious almchalet in Styria, which the sixty-year-old belongs alone last year 6380 euros in European agricultural demand.

The deputies of the Easter People’s Party want in the EU Parliament on 16. July still for the German votes. By contrast, at least Andreas Schieder voted from the SPO against her, from the German SPD Katarina Barley.

Informal rough coalition can do without the votes of at least 66 deputies

That fails from the Leyen in the European Parliament, where you (unlike in the Council) is a non-qualified majority, is unlikely yet. Because the Easter-Rich Social Democrats only have a FUNF deputy in the 154-headed SD-Group, the Germans over 16. Overall, the informal coalition from Christian Democrats, Social Democrats and Liberal Macronists can access 442 of 751 deputies. For an absolute majority, it theoretically requires a maximum of 376, mostly it is significantly less due to various abstentions (cf. EU Parliament: Informal Coalition from Christian Democrats, Social Democrats and Liberal Macronists’.

In many other countries, in which one hardly knows from the Leyen, the Social Democratic deputies were also allowed to vote for them, considering the command direction in the factions: In case of doubt, the parties will definitely adhere to what they often comply with them Provide chairman in the member countries whose representatives of the Leyen in the EU Council unanimously Kurten. Before fallen exercises, one would only be someone elections that was previously one of the top candidates, then allowed to step in the background.


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