Nuclear show in afghanistan

Guttenberg wants to popularize the unpopular military inserts in the population. His critics stay on the surface

With wife Stefanie and television orerator Johannes B. Nuclear Velvet Studio equipped Federal Defense Minister Guttenberg the Bundeswehr soldiers stationed in Afghanistan "Flash visit. "With the visit to Guttenberg continues his personal goal of regular visits in the fields of application of the Bundeswehr", it is on the homepage of the minister.

Nuclear show in Afghanistan

The show of the Guttenbergpaares in Afghanistan. Screenshot from the website of the District Ministry

As one "Surprise visit with symbolic value" Rated the mirror the lightning visit. Finally, the deflection of the Bundeswehr mandate in Afghanistan is violently argued. Peace groups demand a non-demand. "It is not oriented to supposedly security-policy considerations or military "Necessity", but at the power policy requirements of the US government", It’s popular. Although this reasoning is safely shared by a coarse part of the population in Germany, the protest remains low and Guttenberg manages to become one of the most popular politicians in Germany with his shows. Focus hurried to worm on the wave and Kurt him straight to "Man of the year".

Self-confident nation

Guttenberg’s popularity and the rejection of the Afghanistanatzes is not a contradiction. Because Guttenberg has recently made a self-confident German nation on a military field in recent times, in order to achieve contemporaries, which refuse the Afghanistan use of the Bundeswehr with the argument that it does not serve German interests. Where he sees that, Guttenberg has significantly pronounced only a few weeks ago on a security conference in Berlin when he plads, "Open and without chalving" to enter economic interests.

That because of such open-hearted words only a few months ago, a federal prosece is back, Guttenberg can not understand at all. He monitors that Kohler was not stronger in the confrontation. This criticism was allowed to refer to the governing parties, which are more likely from malpractical exercises of Kohler languages and a clear positioning. The Guttenberg now gradually gets in the population.

This allowed a military policy of the economic German interests, which had so far been formulated mainly in military females, became the subject of German politics. If Guttenberg has succeeded in succeeding in election campaign, which politician is able to be able to represent believably the German interests and also to use militar resources.

The depreciation of the military goods terminally completed. In the course of course, the Bundeswehr does not need to be charged with the human rights, a UN mandate or other international respects as the end of the 1990s. A few years ago, leading politicians of the German population wanted to convey the Afghanistan use by stylizing the Bundeswehr soldiers to a kind of armed arm of Amnesty International, which, in contrast to the US soldiers, builds only schools and fountains. Even that was just a stage in transition to the self-confident nation.

German interests with heart

Such dry economic messages must be combined with show inserts, as they steer the Guttenbergs in Afghanistan to arrive in the population. So the Minister commented its youngest Afghanistan trip with the words. "It is very important that you are currently in the Christmas season of the recognition and support, the thousands of kilometers from home to complete a hard service", the minister said in front of the soldiers. "It is a question of the heart."

With such words, he has already won the mass of image newspaper readers, even if they do not want to recognize German interests in the Afghanistan use. Because with his projects, the minister aims primarily on a self-confident German military pristine, which has not been concentrated on Afghanistan. That’s why the critics of Guttenberg’s Afghanistan show remain on the surface when they are the "Tatort Afghanistan" Announcing or the appearance of the Minister as Irreal, such as Cem Ozdemir, by the Grunen, or as inappropriate as the SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel.

Gregor Gysi from the Left Meanwhile cares for the Bundeswehr. "The soldiers are so abused twice as a false war and now as a staffage on the native screens." Such tasteful criticism does not have to states Guttenberg, because she does not even want to take note of his concept of a self-confident German military policy. For the formulation of a criticism, it is therefore not capable of.

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