Nsa will surprise from the telecommunications revolution

The politicians seem the "Emergency" after repeated warnings have already been viewed, but the smaller sister CIA relies on cryptography and anonymization, which makes life more difficult for the secret service anyway

The National Security Agency (NSA) is the largest US secret service and probably the world. He lists communication around the world and is behind the Echelon system, whose real achievements are still unknown in detail. Which budget of the secret service has in detail, is secret, the opponent could also draw his conclusions too.

Despite the amptions that circulate in the openness primarily about the performance of the Echelon system, he has been able to complain from the secret service for some time again and again that one technically refunds. After the criticism of the lack of performance became louder, Michael Hayden, the director of the NSA, had the maaking at the end 99 after an analysis of the secret service "100 Days of Change" initiated to improve the organizational structure and information systems in such a way that the authorities with rapid changes in telecommunications and information technology are better able to keep up. "We have to keep up with the way how this planet communicates", he said in an interview then. Shortly before, the NSA director already uplured that one with "new problems" through the "Information technology" Be confronted: "The emotion of changing occurs alarming quickly." (The American intelligence NSA is technically and organizational notes) quickly is therefore more money necessary for calling.

In the meantime, the emergency also viewed the politicians. So came the permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on 2. January 2001 on the general insight that the secret services should be given a higher prioritat in the budget negotiations: "Growing resources for intelligence services and a rough significance for them will ensure that the nation is better prepared for global challenges that will be sent to us in the coming years." Once again, the computer breakdown at the NSA, due to which the secret service could not evaluate the worldwide in 1999 for several days (computer failure at the NSA). In addition to bad management, lack of infrastructure and the need for new technology and experts for the problems are caught. Already during the last budget negotiations, the NSA received more money for HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and Sigint (Signals Intelligence), even now one is for the director to strongly chuck and grant other funds. The repeated lawsuits of Hayden are certainly not damaged together with the promise on profound changes, certainly.

Probably repeated last week Hayden in a CBS interview – was allowed to film for the first time within the NSA main building in the nearby Baltimore – the technical note of the secret service again on all the width, so that the new government is not the whole money for the national Rocket sign NMD wasted. Just as things are now, Hayden warned the American tohorer, falling the NSA back to the rest of the world in new computer technology and kink you losing the connection.

Once again, Hayden points to the computer failure, the secret service "brain" had made, whose exhausted nobody really understood outside. Whether the NSA also believes, the interviewer asked: "We are also involved in the dependent of signals", replied the intelligence director so much as it belongs in these circles, without saying who is impaired, auber such people like the National Boseweight Osama Bin Laden. Sybillin but Hayden said what his complaints was relativized again: "The basis of our activity is exactly what the opponent accepts, it is impossible." That related to the fact that the casualty should not know that they will be accidentally.

In April of the last year, Hayden had snapped against a Congress Committee that the NSA also inserts its globally distributed network of lousy posts to collect economic information. But that only in the case of money wash, bribery or arms trade. It is neither for spying economic secrets nor to support the US economy to provide their competitive advantages. Incidentally, the allegations are absurd, the NSA was held with Echelon all emails, fax news or telephone language in Europe according to certain terms. "You can imagine the capacity you need to save the collected information of three and a half days when we got everything in the world", Hayden asked back then rhetorical.

Well secured seems to be the NSA yes. No key may be taken, accessanges are checked by finger or iris scanners. Every day 20 will be.000 kilos of secret documents put in the friction molding to make pizza cartons allegedly then. Still, the NSA should also have the large collection of supercomputers. But since the Cold War, there have been some changes in telecommunications, mainly the increasing use of cryptography, the rendering fiber optic cables and even the sheer amount of communication with a variety of advised: "We are short of no longer with the global telecommunication revolution."

But not only the new technologies, but also the changes in the new time to create the secret service: "In the previous world order, our primary enemy was the Soviet Union. Technologically we had to keep up with an oligarchic, resource arms, technically inferior, uberburocratized and slow national state. The communication of our opponents is now based on the development cycle of a global industry, which are sparkably moved in lighting speed … Mobile phones, trapping, fiber optic cable, digital communication."

For a long time the NSA had tried to prevent strong casing or at least gain access to the conclusions. But now that has become a rough problem: "There are many uncrazable codes and we are working to bring them into the category of crispable codes", said Bob Bogart in the same program, who teaches the cracking of codes the NSA employees. As far as PGP is concerned, just the kind of comment, which is why the NSA Spotttisch was baptized as no search Agency: "PGP can be uncrawls, but we may be cracked, who woman?"

Allegedly, Hayden wants to stop with some of the secrecy attimes because they hide the activities, but once again maintain innovations from the authority. But the transformation process begun in the 100-day program is not yet over, but just start. Hayden wants to bring Hayden’s understanding: "It’s about a public who has become grossed in a world to succeed in this world, and now finds themselves in another world, and now has to change if they hope to survive in this universe." Only a few days ago became known that the first two NSA employees who have written a program that was sold to a company now receive patent revenues. That could provide at least for higher motivation.

The CIA has already tried to improve the forward-looking development of new technologies through outsources and therefore founded the company in-Q-Tel, the risk capital awards and participates in developments of companies financially involved (Q, Tuftler in James Bond films, will be godfather of CIA To). The NSA wants to go in the direction. The tasks should be played by private computer companies, which are not affiliated with the key areas of signal listing (SIGINT) and information security. This includes the four areas distributed computer systems, corporate / security management, networks and telephony. With a ten-year contract worth FunF billions of dollars, this should be transferred to one of three commercial candidates. (NSA privatizes part of your tasks)

But the CIA is probably not only shining role model for the coarse brother. In order to protect employees abroad, the intelligence has invested a million dollars over in-q-tel in the company SafeWeb and given this job, an intelligence of the software tailored to the secret service "Triangle Boy" establish (Federal Ministry of Economics demands anonymization service). Thus, the agents should not only surf anonymously on the web, but also send information to the headquarters, without drawing attention by using the Anonymization Method of PrivacyMatrix, a SafeWeb service,. With Triangle Boy, emails, which can then be easily slipped from internet cafes, can be sent to an unavailable private computer, which then forwards them. With PrivacyMatrix you first go with a 128-bit SSL cap on a server of SafeWeb, which then replaces the IP address during further surfing by a SafeWeb.

Saudi Arabia was therefore in December last year on the nationwide upstream Proxys all connections to SafeWeb for its own burgers. That’s why you have developed Triangle Boy, "so everyone in Saudi Arabia", How Stephen Hsu explains SafeWeb, "which wants to access SafeWeb, one IP address can enter … The small code transforms the machine into a Cisco router and forwards all packages to us. Anyone who observed him in the data center will think that only with another PC data packets exchanges."

Anyway, the company sees itself as a positive impurity for closed companies such as China, Iran or Saudi Arabia. "We have worked on developing techniques for combating censorship and demand for freedom of expression. A gross share of Internet traffic with us comes from highly monitored countries, and we are pleased that our work already starts to make a difference in the international community."

However, the anonymization and coating destroyed by the CIA to protect employees abroad, if, in addition to PrivacyMatrix, Triangle Boy should spread – SafeWeb wants the program to offer all, not only the CIA – for the NSA life still a little harder for the NSA do. Allegedly, the company licenses its product only to the CIA, without the secret service get a possibility to get to the customer data.

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