Northern syria: turkey continues to provoke

Northern Syria: Turkey continues to provoke

Borderstadt Valley Abjad, Kurdish Gire Spi. Picture: Anf

With a troop march and border provokes, Ankara pursues a policy that has the aim of the dulling of the region

The Turkish government continues its provocative auxiliary policy in the Middle East despite the impending division of the ACP. Since Tuesday morning, Turkey pulls troops along the border with North and Easternsyria. It seems as if she wanted the US after the "No" for the F-35 fighting jets the limits of their power show and behave as Big Player steer in the Middle East. This is well received in the Turkish population suffering from the economic crisis and distracts from the domestic political problems.

Border provokations

The Kurdish border town on Turkish territory is akcakale (Kurd.: Kaniya xezalan) and is located in the province of Urfa. Exactly opposite, shared by the border wall is in northeastern Syria the city, the Arabic valley Abjad (often transcribed with: Tall Abyad) and Kurdish Gire Spi is called. The strategically important place is located between the cantons of Kobane and Cizire.

The Turkey had planned several times an invasion at this point to break the connection of the cantons of Kobane and Cizire again created by the SDF. By 2015, the city was in the hands of the IS. After the liberation by the Kurdish units YPG / YPJ on 15. June 2015, the cantons of Cizire and Kobane were connected. The Turkish government hoped in 2016 to interrupt the connection together with the IS and thus hinder the care of the population of cobanes and the reconstruction of the city.

In Gire Spi they did not succeed. However, Dscharablus from IS and the following annexation of Afrin prevented a connection between Kobane and Afrin was prevented by the Turkish superseation of the northern Syrian city.

For several days, the Turkish militar swabe trenches have been borne in Akcakale and tank vehicles together, reported the news agency approached in Northern Syria. The autonomy administration of North and Easternsyria responded to the threats of Turkey to start an offensive of the Euphrat, with an offer and a warning:

We crave that the dialogue is always the safest way to discuss problems and loose them. In addition, we will not accept Turkish threats for our regions in any way.

Autonomy administration of North and Easternsyria

The story of Tal Abjad / Gire Spi

The place was built in the 1920s near a historic hugel when the region was still French protectorate. The name Gire Spi / Tal Abjad means "Women Hugel". In the place lived Kurds and Armenians, who survived the genocide in 1915 in Turkey, together. In the course of the Baath regime "Arabic belt" Many Arab villages were built in this region to separate Cizire and Kobane’s Kurdish regions ethnically and to upload the demographic composition in favor of Arabic population.

The Kurdish population was deprived of the State Burgerschaft and the possession went to the newly located Arab and Turkmen families over. The Kurde Sabri Mustafa reports on the time when the region was still under the control of the Syrian government:

I’m from the village of Tell Findire to the west of Gire Spi. Before the revolution of Rojava I lived in the city center of Gire Spi. The regime had split the population there in many groups. There was not a single thing registered in a Kurded Stucco Land or House. The population there was poor, the majority traveled again and again in Lebanon or to Damascus and worked there. During the juxtapy one was immediately horrified. We had to the military service, there it was forbidden to speak Kurdish. It was like that in the state institutions.

Sabri Mustafa

In 2014 occupied terrorists of Is the city as one of the first in Syria. Previously, 2012 the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Jihadist Miliz Al-Nusra-Front prepared the floor for the IS in the city. They occupied all the cereals and fields, bounders and destructed whole villages where Kurds lived. The Emir of Al-Nusra, Abu Moshab, said according to the report by Sabri Mustafa: "As Kurds, there is nothing for you here. This is not your country."

It did not take long and the FSA and Al-Nusra joined the IS. At 19. July 2013 Handled the ISL, which all Islamist militias in Gire Spi had joined the city and took the power. With the Turkey there was a lively trade in weapons, ammunition and commercially available over the open bored transition Akcakale / Gire Spi. The is sold OL in Turkey and treds his cash registers.

The Islamists forced many Kurdish families to escape to Kobane or Serkaniye. But in Kobane, the glowed of the rain came into the meager. On the 15th. September 2014 Handed the Is Kobane. Gire SPI was the logistical starting point at that time at that time. The pictures of the battle of the population around their city of Kobane went around the world and became the symbol for the fight against IS. The Turkey failed this and Erdogan explained at that time soon "Kobane already liked."

On 26. January 2015, Kobane was released from Island and on the 15. June 2015 Gire Spi followed. In the city, after liberation, a management of Kurds, Turkmen, Arab tribals and Armenians was formed. Khalil Al-Khalil reported from the Turkmen community Hemam in the Gire Spi district, the liberation of IS to a peaceful coexistence of the Turkmen population with the Kurds, the Arabs and the Armenians in the region.

The Turkish press claimed then but the opposite: Kurds were distributed in Gire Spi the Arabs. In the municipalities (neighborhoods Anm. D. Author.) Rate formed as the smallest unity of self-government, which was around the local concerns in her district. From the bottom up, a management system in the city and the surrounding communities were then formed. The straps were repaired, restored and rebuilt hospitalists, schools and mosques.

On the 27th. February 2016 handed the City from the Sueds with the IS Militis again. failed. It was reported that part of the attackers on the Turkische Grenzubergang Akcakal, another from the IS-Hochburg Rakka came. At the same time, the Turkish militar took the self-defense units SDF under artillery. Dozens of civilians and SDF campers were murdered by the IS terrorists. After 4 days, however, the attack was successfully shifted.

Is and Turkey planned in 2016?

The Kurdish news agency Anf reported on statements of an IS-Emirs detained in Northern Syria: Ilyas Aydin, who named Is Abu Ubeyde, was charged in 2015 in Turkey. He is intended to be responsible for suicide proposals in Ankara and Suruc as Istanbul responsible person, where hundreds of civilians were killed.

He was arrested by the SDF at the offensive at Deir EZ-Zor. He reported the news agency that in 2016 there was a joint planning for the collection on Gire Spi (Tall Abyad) from the Turkish secret service with and the IS: "It was shortly before the attack on Tall Abyad. From the first day Rashid Misri and Abu Bara Kurdi formed the connection to the Turkish intelligence service. For this they had their own telephone with themselves. They came in my apartment in Tabqa and said, ‘The turks have written us. You want to meet, we go to the internet."" He reported by a telephone call in which a Turkic caller should have said: "We grab Tall Abyad from here (Turkey), you come from below."

Shortly thereafter, 200 is terrorists attacked the city. Among the Jihadists was also the tatter of bombing on the HDP in Adana and Mersin in May 2015, Savas Yıldız. Yıldız was injured in the collection and captured by the SDF. He also confirmed cooperation with the attacks on Gire Spi. According to further statements Aydins, there is a group in the Turkish intelligence service of the Jandarma "Unity and progress" calls the task of infiltrating the IS.

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