No signal for europe from the very coalition

No signal for Europe from the very coalition

55 years Elysee-Support – a comment

On Monday, the Bundestag and the French Assemblee Nationale the 55. Anniversary of the Elysee-Operation celebrated. In fact, the adults between West Germany and France as one of the large achievements of the second half of the 20. Be considered century. The Elysee Treaty contributed to this, in particular with its civil society German-French exchange projects. Today is hardly conceivable, in which mab "The French" As eternal Erbfind Germany was viewed – and vice versa.

I remember very well as I went to Paris in the context of Elysee agreements in the mid-1970s, at the age of eleven, with the youth team of my then Fubball Assocutation and was taken there from a French host family: the coarse family was present, there was Champagne, I did not know anything about the background, but we spelled that there was no self-consolidation that my hosts dub with the visit from Germany. Today, the German-French ratio is considered very partnership and one can only wish that there is a similar adjoining also with the other Erbfinde, "Russian", had given.

It went with the current celebrations on 22. January but not only the story, but also for the future plan: the challenge of a European agreement are at the top of the political agenda. At the World Economic Forum of Davos, Chancellor Merkel will hand over a European explanation, Aufemister Sigmar Gabriel has explained the German-French ratio to the Kernstuck of a new German sub-policy and France’s Prasident Macron made extensive proposals half a year ago, which is already in the direction of a new opportunity European Union go.

Militarization of the EU

Unfortunately, this proposals will continue to help people in Europe, mostly enthusiastic Europe, at the European Union Stort, yes, resulting in recent years to the massive economic and political crisis within the EU: Since the decision to Brexit, the German and French government massive the militarization of the European Union. Although this was already invested in the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, but has now taken ride that the Notoran Transatlantic Bremper’s Great Britain is expected to leave the EU. Germany and France should take over the lead to a much militarily oriented EU. In the official speeches and documents, this runs under terms like "closer coordination of the sub-and security policy" or "Revival of Europe of defense".

A first rough step in this direction was already under the keyword at the Council Summit in December 2017 "Permanent structured cooperation" (Pesco) completed. Whole 25 of the EU EU Member States undertook to increase their militar expenditure, for example, to raise the proportion of rusting within militar expenditure to 20 percent and "Battle troops" to make international missions available in the short term.

The importance of a worldwide military-aging EU is increasingly playing an important role in strategic discussions of German radiation policy. Thus, Sigmar Gabriel recently emphasizes that the German and European interests should be at the center of the new non-sub-policy. On a forum of the Corber Foundation, he explained France Muses in the Fiscal Policy German, and Germany should become French in the security policy. In a comprehensive study of the government-related foundation science Politics of December 2017 It is all in the Duktus Historical German geopolitics:

Thus, German remorse policy is burdened by the history of the country and its middle position in Europe (Germany borders nine European states). These historical and geopolitical mortgages can be best compensated by a robust European peace order. Because of its export orientation, Germany’s economy and its societal prosperity also strongly depended on an open, rule-based global economic order … Germany must therefore do everything in its power to establish Europe as a defensive world political power factor in the sense of its regulatory conceptions.


The German-French guiding claim within the EU is preparing

The fact that such a reasoning of politics is particularly criticized in social links is predictable and entitled. The explanation, which the Assemblee National and the Bundestag have decided yesterday, also prepared a kind of informal gross coalition in exclusion of the left. In Germany, the CDU and CSU, SPD, FDP and Grune were. From the talks excluded in both countries the left factions were. The left Franco Prasident candidate and deputy Jean-Luc Melenchon asked why the group "La France Insouise" not signed the text:

Because the content of these texts no solutions for today’s urgent problems in Europe. Peace can not be created by preparing war together. The consulted social harmonization does not include a single protective clause against social racy. There is no new concrete improvement in the texts, not even the increase in the German minimum wage on French level. In economic policy, the company law and the cult are only paying for the new technologies. The ocological crisis is only addressed to indicate already signed, but insufficient documents and to encourage the creation of a carbon market. The country with the highest CO2 outset in Europe and the country, which is most powerful on nuclear energy, have nothing to say about their responsibility for the collapse threatened okosystems.

Jean-Luc Melenchon

But another aspect of this new German-French partnership is also concerned: the ever-pronounced German-French Guide claim within the EU threatens to further investing the centrifugal trends in the EU elsewhere. Of course, the historical hedger with France is an important achievement, which was all the speakers in the Bundestag on Monday. However, she also has to be part of the adult with other European countries. A comparable hedging, such as Russia, is still out. The idea of European cooperation and integration is only even meditable and desirable if he also means a real added value for people and their social life situation in addition to peace.

This is the crucifying crux in the toleration and structures of the EU. The German-French explanation continues the old deficits and upert them through common military projects. The French and German Linke therefore presented their own alternative design, in which they demanded that cooperation between Lander "social and peaceful" be renewed. In it, the left pointed out, among other things, the fact that the low leans and strong exports from Germany. Together with one – in German economic performance – undervalued euro, the Hartz IV policy has made that Germany printed all other economies within the EU to the wall.

When the speakers from the very coalition stressed yesterday how much Germany benefits from the EU, they said exactly this miscover that destroys social and economic cohesion in the bundry. Therefore, the leaning, social benefits and minimum tax rates must be made to be adjusted within the EU, as the Left in Germany has long for a long time.

Neoliberal Economic Union has always shared the social and economic conditions within the EU stronger in a strong center and a poor periphery. The fact that the peripheral EU states in Sud- und Eastern Europe should also be concerted politically by a German-French center, will not work, nor is it overlong value. In this respect, it looks like that as if the new EU euphoria of the very rough coalition worsens much and a few problems. The EU crisis is not solved, but updated.

Andrej Hunko is European political speaker of the Group DIE LINKE in the Bundestag. As a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, he considers himself for a regulation in the Groben Europe, from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

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