No inquiring committee on echelon in the european parliament

In his apprenticeships to Echelon is the EP "jumped as Tiger and landed as a bedhead"

At today’s plenary session of the European Parliament, the application for the establishment of an inquiry committee was rejected Echelon’s Anglo-American Hiking Network. the "Grunn" had a vote in the General Assembly, after the Prasidium of Parliament had no decision. This had previously been the request for the establishment of an investigative amption and instead proposed a non-state committee. But according to a legal information that the grunen had obtained, such a non-state committee does not have the powers to drove an investigation.

Grununen are bitterly destroyed over today’s decision of Parliament, which voted for a circumstantian committee. This has neither the possibility of pretending persons to statements, nor does he have access to confidential documents. Therefore, the committee runs risk "toothless nipple" to be, the greats said. Even more clearly, the German Grun Members in the European Parliament, Ilka Schroder, formulated in a press recognition. The European Parliament is at the apprenticeships of the activities of Echelon "jumped as Tiger and landed as a bedhead", said Schroder, the circumstantine committee is one "Calm".

Grunen believe that the established political parties had bent the wishes of individual EU governments not to take a strong position against Echelon. "The vote proved that most conservative, social democratic and liberal parliamentary members are unwilling to face the wishes of certain EU governments", said the greats. The only positive element in the vote is the number of votes for a committee of inquiry (210), which is coarse than the number of parliamentarians, which were originally voted for the start of the procedure to establish a committee (180).

The decision of the European Parliament comes at a time when France has initiated an investigation of Echelon through its espionage defense service to find evidence of Echelon’s elements of elementary economic interests by Echelon.

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