No covid: zone boundaries instead of landing boundaries

No Covid: Zone boundaries instead of landing boundaries

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The initiative responds to the sind of Spahn and threesome, Germany is not Australia

"No Covid" Sounds like "Zero Covid". But during "Zero Covid" Controversial actors such as Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Mario Sixtus and Natascha Strobl The number of fans in a media prospanus, but keep track of the framework "No Covid" Serious. Thus, it has managed the initiative to the lobby of state authorization, where Melanie Brinkmann and Michael Meyer-Hermann Chancellor Merkel advised. Merkel’s media reports after pursued aim to reduce the incidence value to ten rather than 50, the first step required by the initiative is also.

Schengenraum vs. Sudpacific

Today noon, Viola Priesemann from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization in Gottingen, Melanie Brinkmann from the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Braunschweig, and Clemens Fuest, the Prasident of the Munchner IFO Institute, on a Zoom Press Conference "European No-Covid Strategy" before.

With that they reacted to the exercises of the German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn. The had meant that at the anti-corona macers in the countries surrounded by water, Australia and New Zealand oriented proposals of the No-Covid initiative are not transferable to Danemark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland borders. How much these limits influence pandemism showed that it was in recent months above all the Bavarian and Sachsian territories in close to the Czech Republic, in which the incidence values were shot into the high.

"Pioneering role"

The Rhineland-Palatinate Minister Presentess Marie-Luise Dreyer had immorated as a spoon and meant beyond that they can not imagine, "that the population [such a way] can go". In Dreyers state is chosen in Marz – and in the ARD Germany trend rose the number of burgers who are not satisfied with the corona policy since December around 54 percent since December.

The slogan, the Priesemann, Brinkmann and Fuest present today, is called "Europe". The glamor of Swiss broadcasting in the press conference, whether the 26 Auberdeutsche EU-Lander and the remaining 20 European states can be made on a course, were replied that Germany simply replied "Pioneering role" Take it, then the rest maybe was beaten.

Concentration on vulnerable groups is rejected

The first-step incidental value Ten should be achieved by the initiative after further closed schools to the beginning of Marz. Then to an incidence value "near zero" to come, you want to divide Germany and Europe in zones: in red and grune zones. Residents of the red zones should then continue to live with Lockdown-Mabs and with the aim of becoming a green zone, make more efforts to comply with the anti-Covid mails. Residents of a green zone in France could then be enrolled in a neighboring green zone in Germany – but with the red zones in France merchandise.

A concentration on vulnerable groups (cf. There are alternatives to the Lockdown misery) leaned the very sympathetic but somewhat confused Brinkmann with the sometimes that retirement homes were best protected by the practical disappearance of the virus in the Augenwelt, that young people could severely fallen, and that it For young people who do not die from, long-term sequences.

Which mails no covid for the different zones concretely demands, and which did not, after the press conference was only partially clearer than before. For this, an elephant in the room were visible indirectly: the vaccine development that could provide for it without "Sharp fast shock" no eternally varied and spilled "small" Lockdowns gives: a reporter question about vaccines from Russia and China did not want to answer Brinkmann because she said that the judge did not.

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