No breath, history is made

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Although most people are now annoyed by them, we still start with Lena in the weekend – with a song that unfortunately you will not sing at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf. Who finds the bad, that was said, it’s even worse. And now please no writing ramps, but prefer to rest two minutes. There is more about this project and its well-known maker here.

No breath, history is made

And now the advertising hardly something new from the viral video chart. It still leads the now well-known VW commercial. One kind of making-of you can look here. Newly placed on the back bursting a sub-monkey and the thoughtful Video Look at yourself ….

Now quickly the cat message of the day. And somehow matches two dog videos: Boxer VS. Dalek and the dog, who allegedly knows 1000 words.

So, and now please board! Continue with vegetables and the story of Odipus. Without transition, we now present an American holiday paradise that is particularly suitable for exile Bayern. What this has to do with eroticism maybe a man, a piano and schubert.

No breath, history is made

Very much is this video collection of cinema cliches, which starts our today’s fast run. There are considerations about the N-word, the growth of the international space station, drunk in the state parliament, the joys of winter, the razor helmet, probably first TV appearance of Steve Jobs. And the closing point sets the cinematic statement: It’s starting.

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