Newspaper: valmet rises in karmann

In the negotiations on the future of the roof division of the insolvent car supplier Karmmann, an end to. An on Wednesday reported report of New Osnabrucker Zeitung According to the Finnish supplier Valmet and insolvency administrator Ottmar Hermann agreed on sale. According to informed circles, there are negotiations between Valmet and Karmann, but no conclusion. "We do not comment on the market," said a spokeswoman of Valmet. Also a speaker of Hermann did not want to comment on the newspaper report. He only said the insolvency administrator negotiates with several prospects.

It’s about 360 workplaces in Osnabruck and Polish Czarity. Originally, Hermann had won the Karmann competitor Magna as an investor. But the Bundeskartellamt was prohibited in May. The competition helpers had acknowledged if Magna had come to the goods, it had given only two independent suppliers in Europe for convertible roofer. The Karmann-Convertible roof business for USA and Mexico had sold Hermann in the summer on Webasto.

VW Group Chef Martin Winterkorn had announced a new order for the Karmann roof division last week at a visit to Osnabruck: Osnabruckers are supposed to develop a roof for the new Audi A3 convertible. The Wolfsburg carmaker has taken over the old Karmann plant from the old owners and founded a subsidiary in Osnabruck. From the summer of the year 2011, the Golf Convertio is to be rolled back here again. There are speculations about that the Group could also build more cabriolet models in Osnabruck.

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