Networker in the publication fever

The long-awaited Nettime book "Readme!" as well as a "Syndicate reader" have just been released

Who is not yet a book radio, will stay long. So at least one could believe that in recent weeks, two readers hold the activities of mailing lists from the network art and culture scene on the material, which at the beginning of the net bus "Tote tree" was designated: paper. Both the mailing list Syndicate as well as / nettime.W3Archive / have published new bookers who group their activities.

The second reader, the Inke Arns from postings on the syndicate list – has compiled a forum for artists, curators, journalists and various media art functionaries – is not just a valuable source collection, but also an entertaining reactors. In addition to theoretical texts and essays, it is mainly the travel reports, which – partly in covenant-specific English – of travel transversely through Europe, which make the band lively and fresh. In some places, it is almost like a trans-European eve series: Will Olga meet at the media festival in Rotterdam Sergje? Will work the real audio live connection to Sarajevo? And will the artist collective from Ukraine receive an entry visa? (All names are changed by the editors.To)

As with the first – again available – syndicate reader, here is also funny, spontaneous postings, in addition to substitute also a lot of mischief and self-promotion, in addition to substance – which, of course, just the charm of painting lists like "Sydicate" constituting, which is clearly held here.

It’s more serious and dignified "Readme!" to, a reader, the attachment containing, the "In the Nettime environment" have been created. On rich 550 pages there are texts here, "who went half a year ago on Nettime, texts that will go over Nettime in the thirtually half year, or never go over Nettime", Like Nettime Geerte Geert Lovinck Launig.

So if you make the next time half a year, the book should be plugged in anyway. Otherwise, the reading time for the massive waltz was allowed to be scarce. But maybe the reader is only the last time that the manifold interests served by NetTime since the Basic 1996 Basic (Network Theory, Urbanism, Globalization, Net Office etc.) Nurely between the same book covers and in the same context are negotiated? And maybe each reader pitches only the chapter over anyway "his network" out, be it now that with art, or what has to do with the economy? The coarse, never-defined common denominator who has held together the international NetTime community has become spongy. And the list that was a lively discussion forum two, three years ago has become an international distribution channel for long, academic essays.

Without wanting to want "Readme!" be the last one in a number of NETTIME publications, because after having arrived with this fat reader, no one in an American publisher and a virtually international distribution, no one will want to return to the CopyShop multi-duplicate booklet. So this book could also invite the last chapter in Nettime History. Since texts that were in previous NETTIME Readers in "Readme!" No longer included, some of the canonical NETTIME texts are missing. Overview of the broadly scattered NETTIME-topic spectrum, the reader is definitely in the household specialized on Net Theory.

Inke Arns (Hrsg.): Junction Skopje: The 1997 – 1998 Edition, Syndicate Publications Series 002, Skopje, Macedonia 1998 (Soros Center for Contemporary Arts) Readme! Ascii Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge. New York 1999 (Autonomedia) International Reference Address for both Publications: Peter Duimelinks / V2_Archief Info: Archief @ V2.NL Postal address: Postbus 19049, 3001 BA Rotterdam, NL T: +31.10.206 7276 F: +31.10.206 7271 E-Mail: Peter @ v2.NL URL Info for ordering and payment and table of contents and foreword of the syndicate reader also under: www.v2.NL / ~ Arns / Texts / Ord-SK.HTML

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