.Net 6: the fifth preview brings new tools and a fresh shell for maui

.NET 6: The Fifth Preview brings new tools and a fresh shell for Maui

Microsoft has the fun preview .Net 6 publishes and supplies with the preview a wide range of new, among others for web socket and for the Entity Framework Core. In addition, Maui has a new shell and there are new tools.

With the WebSocket protocol, Microsoft now implements an optional compression, put a request for Comments introduced at the end of 2015 with the title "Compression Extensions for WebSocket" (RFC 7692). With the support for Open Telemetry offers .Net 6 now the Metrics API, and for the shutter is now the algorithm Chacha20 / Poly1305 on offer.

Pre-compilation in the Entity Framework Core

The ObjectLational Mapper Entity Framework Core now offers compiled models that significantly reduce the start time of applications with many tables, columns and relationships. By command-line command DOTNET EF DBCONTEXT OPTIMIZE can now anticipate developers and developers processing steps that occurred in previous versions only when starting the program. However, the pre-compilations are no longer available from Entity Framework Core such as Lazy Loading, Global Query Filter and Change Tracking with Proxies anymore.

.NET 6: The Fifth Preview brings new tools and a fresh shell for Maui

Performance improvement by compiled models in Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 5 – Depending on the model groove

Even for the JSON Serializer system.text.JSON now has a pre-compilation option that avoids the use of reflection at runtime. By waiving Reflection, the Tree Shaking (Triming) of .Net applications become easier.

New shell for Maui, interoperability in the .Net-Core Runtime

That .NET MULTI-PLATFORM APP UI (.Net Maui) Received in Preview 5 a new shell with URI-based navigation and improved animations. The interoperability contained so far only in mono .Net and Objective-C stop now also in the .Net-Core Runtime. Microsoft MAUI-based desktop applications want to encourage MacOS. Still, the conversion of all controls from Xamarin Forms to Maui is not completed, the state of work can be understood on Github.

For the old GUI framework Windows Forms, Microsoft offers the new method Application.SetDefaultFont () to specify a font for all controls in an application. Relief of the manufacturers also the problem of display deviations (Pull Request 656) during a migration of the classic .Net Framework – Microsoft had in .Net Core 3.0 The standard font for Windows Forms.

New tools in the Funken Preview

In addition, Microsoft lists some performance improvements in the JUST-IN-TIME compiler as well as in the base class Biginteger, which has implemented the development team in the Preview 5, in the Blog entry to obtain the Funften Preview.

The administration of the in .Net 6 Preview 4 Newly introduced optional workloads of the SDK has received the new commands Dotnet Workload List and Dotnet Workload Update. There are also more code analysis tools and new tools for compatibility analysis for authors of NUGET packages.

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