Nervose schuler in the age of global media?

"Young people of today are unconcentric because they have become gross in this crafted media society"

Germany in transition without clear compass, crisis mood in the economy and working life, but also in the educational world. Always sewing agent teachers are always released more and more young graduates in an accelerated future with completely own laws. The School School is increasingly converting to the educational factory, which should also provide as a social factory all-day offers, for children who often suffer from negligibility (eg.B. With double professional or separation of the parents). Loyalty and motivation are trained in many cases rudimentary. Companies and universities complain about deficits and even filter out.

DEORENTATION Between Stobweiser hectic and permanent boredom are the extreme values of a school lesson whose results are in the long-term discussion. What about the schools today? And how can school and teacher react temporary and forward-looking and really help the schoolers?

"Today’s generation can not teach anything so fast"

It remains: The schoolers are the unknown being that the midwife art of the padago is to help birth and maturity. You can meet the schoolers in different ways. For example. "Today’s generation can not teach anything so fast." Is that correct?

Since this school year, 2005/6, the schoolers of the grade 12 buffet in the high schools and total schools North Rhine-Westphalia under the new conservative-liberal government for the first central subsitur of the year 13 from 2007. This maaking was adopted under Red-Grun, and soon there will be a mooring certificate after 12 years of school with significant streamlines in the curriculum.

The schoolers of the current grade 13 in North Rhine-Westphalia experience their teachers in the upper level a little pride, but also a little sad: for the last time they can hold in the spring of 2006 the written high school graduation: we call it that "Teacher", Because the teaching teachers themselves ask the tasks. Because then comes the central subsitur. Teachers and Schuler will form a new solidarity and suffering front. or? In NRW, the schoolers no longer stand the strong, educational council, but the worked-up workshop, crunches and crashes, because it is under socio-political continuing casting and in cramped duration reform force.

Unlasting prere

The schools are occupied in this situation with the rhetoric of increasing self-government, ie responsibility. Any current performance and service can be doubled and is already outdated tomorrow. The didactics and binding curriculum (compulsory ministry, in-house curricula of the schools), the teaching and examining forms are increasingly under prere, given the after-industrial information society. The school bureaucracy intervenes Paradox: It enhances control and unification and delegates them to the controlled inspectors, school management and teachers.

Who knows only something in school life, about the current journalistic polarizations beyond parents, children / schoolers and teachers, wife: A graduation performance is not only an object of one-sided exam, but also a product of a complex communication between schoolers and teachers, supported Through the familial and social conditions of the environment: it requires a lot of intra-school work, a dialogical interaction of close and distance between teachers and schoolers, an intensive demand and demands during the different half-years, not only in the run-up to the exams, but also in the whole normal lessons, in which expertise, text reaffirms, theoretical and practical tasks, technical terms and application are learned and trained together.

Schoolers are usually able to quite acceptable if the teachers prove a competent competent and behave dialogical and successfully demand this behavior successfully from the schoolers.

On the question of which teachers are still interesting, Sebastian replies, Schuler der 12. Year stage, in general:

It is exactly like any other person: By absolutely media-compliant idealists like our most popular Hollywood stars, a pulse of perfectionism swap through our world, which lines people to become a tearboard. Every woman tries to look like Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson, with Pamela Manie being back to her roots to find neither attention nor at all attention.

But if everyone is like his neighbor, how should one differ there or point for the individual individual enthusiasm? It only falls up who is different who dares something who deviates from the course. So it is also with teachers: If you do not use this eternally equal frontal lesson-style on lifetime with the same methods as 1956, but, alone for simplicity, through his style, is transmitted and established, initially reading attention and secondly attention Or contempt, both fill the same purpose: one is interesting.

Advantages and disadvantages of "Teacher" and central subsitur

In the sense of the dialogue principle, the procedure has that teachers, such as Z.B. In NRW, in the knowledge of its school group due to its services in the multiannual lessons formulate and submit its own high school duty task proposals and submit, advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Advantageous is that "Teacher", if the padagogues and professionals were able to be able to represent the technical level, to convey knowledge and skills, and to produce and expand the reference to the learning group. In this balance of property and relationship level, learning and learning group is the art of teaching. in the "Teacher" lies the chance to put tasks in such a way that topics and texts are comprehensible to the competences developed in the classroom and motivate the schoolers to the successful completion performance.
  2. The disadvantage affects the "Teacher" if it is more or less hooked in the expertise of the teacher. Or if the padagogical reference to the learning group does not intervene. Then it comes to dissonances that move into the highbrow. The lessons passing to the schoolers, the learning effects are low, the tasks also in high school graduation may even be formulated across the head, are too demanding or are mechanically simply copied from old or foreign documents, instead of it specifically with regard to the potential of To develop learning area and group; The crowned examination degree Gerat even to the disaster.

In order to keep these subjective tendencies of the graduates made and formulated high school diploma, the teacher proposals must be submitted to the authorities, which, if necessary, requires review by criteria. In recent years, further editions and requirements of the authority are added to this hurde in recent years to the wedding examination and lessons in the upper level, without thus improving the quality of lessons and to increase the learning performance of the Schuler.

School orientation and teacher creativity

Are central subsitur and "Teacher" not completely? Such a reasoning seems to be obvious when it comes to differential calculus and vectors to electromagnetism, biochemistry or intrinsic and foreign-language grammar. After the acceptance of certain basics and rules, there is little discussion scope for the design of tasks and the detection of competences. The Padagogical Discussion seems only to the "packaging", to refer the organic and written presentation of the contexts, questions and solutions. But here, there are huge differences that often decide almost fatefully about whether schoolers ever build a relationship with the topics and specialists mentioned above.

It should be thoughtful: why, then, as today, as many schools, as many schools, have difficulties with the pracises and continuous learning of numbers, facts, formulas, methods, vocabulary, declinations and conjugations, as well as gear calculation, set and text patterns? And why do it almost go to the good sound of teenagers, parents and padagogows to find themselves mass?

The fact becomes more involved, if it is not just about learning and dragging operational patterns, computational paths, evaluation methods and grammatical rules. But increasing insight to understand and explain to analysis and interpretation of texts to conceptual discourses, discussions and arguments to cultural structures and social structures: in the social sciences, in German and foreign languages, in philosophy, religion, art and music.

Behind the alternative "Central or teacher subsitur" There are two philosophies: one calls on the creativity and responsibility of the individual teacher, on his technical competence and intuition, which hopefully the schools "infect" and "to inspire" like. The others call for the technical control of the Abitur tasks and the teacher’s teachers through the authorities that had subjective unilateralities of teachers "eliminated" to maximize the interpretation marquee of the subject and the examination.

But what if the control body suits in his objectivitious delusion of a one-sided becomes and the school orientation and teacher creativity due to dust-dry topics and teaching interventions neglected and functionalized?

"The driver is missing"

Schoolers see this discussion, but sometimes dissatisfied. So fabian, grade 12:

Which often disabled teaching is listlessness, no animation guideline, the art of conveying seem to have forgotten many teachers at home, the driver’s wife is missing. In the upper level, the school usually removes from active life accompaniment, but goes on facts that are very important – the world is one of a completely different page.

And co-shoulder Sebastian, also level 12, supplements, a little elitar:

The learning difficulties are clear in the prevailing demotivation. Almost every schoolman represents the "Zero-Bock setting", What will be pouting, since I have to pay for long-term unemployed, because of subqualification in every profession that costs the state of money (!To). So there is no trouble learning, but there is no one to learn. Many teachers attract my pity when they are at the front, only half the course is present, the rest Hort not or does not let go.

Both schools have a change from the high school to the comprehensive school behind them. They combine well-neo-conservative standards of a burgeral service company with a weakness with the social intentions of the total audit. Fabian:

What was conveyed in the high school has laid us the basics. Often banghart teachers, it is the case, so to speak, the Hire-and-Fire system. Who does not come along, may repeat or may say goodbye to Realschule. Basics are mediated, which often lacks on the overall school in secondary school I. An example of deficiencies in the Schulern of the Comprehensive School is the partly DESOLATE LAGISPRY Some who visit the upper level: that’s in life after school one of the most important components.

This is consistently required on the high school, already from the fold class with dictation, grammar works… We have to be more about a service company. The change to the comprehensive school was carried out in the class in the class, due to the specialist election, the more valuable teacher (sometime, it’s good…) and the massive hourly failure. It should be noted that the upper level must be the same from the level, or. The comprehensive school must be set at the latest in the upper level on a stringent line, which – as on the high school must be tracked (Z.B. Due to the central subsitur).

Cross-over buck pad of the education system

"Learn today’s generation especially bad?" Yes and no. This factual non-learning is all too rapidly designed as learning. In his infinite grommet, the Padagogical system quickly raised a new demand: Schulerinnen and Schoolers should first learn learning learning, enable themselves to watch themselves methodically on topics and substances to trains. That sounds good. But that’s not just that "Youth research". Because the accomplished look of topics is often confused with the blocking of methodical patterns.

Teaching as a form of (mostly centered on the teacher centered) lords and self-learning are rushed in much to rough groups and subgroups irrelessed. The vocational school with its traditional rigid vocational dogmatics becomes the pseudo template of general education (as if this field in the postindustrial society has not been moved in motion). In this way, a wave of old-new method training and brainstorming seminars in the school life, which could not compensate for the performance of the German Schuler in the International Pisa comparison for the time being in this way,.

Can help methods and for themselves, without content and contentive experiences, somehow help the schoolers? And while celebrating the decomposed educational materials without any method in the TV-PISA shows their endless quiz revival.

Now, last time in NRW, the "freedom" to the "Teacher" once again "hunt" Glance. Saw and see and see the specialist teachers of the high school level in the last Abiturjahresen until including 2006, not only to put simple topics in their tasks. They each had double demands "half-yearly" To formulate transverse partitions of stages 12 and 13. Completely out is the lovely and in-depth analysis of a poem, a novel section or a drama scene, as in the traditional high school diploma.

Checklists, as in the series construction of an automotive factory

Now it’s about the cross-over jump with a partly absurd logic: two poems from different epochs: Baroque Meets Expressionism. Or the comparison of a novel start from the 18th. and the 20. Century; A stucco natural signs from Goethe "fist" or "Wager" Against natural phobia at fresh "Homo Faber" Or natural mythic in Tolkien "Lord of the rings". A drama extraction of Lessing against one of Brecht, or a stucco theory of Schiller against one of Dieter Wellershoff. Requires a methodical jumping process of the schoolnums of the present, Schoolers with an average of significantly dwindling readpensum.

It is no longer priority to deepening and concentration to cause argumentative formulating force and literary aerial sensation, but speed and superflat, to quickly remove, check out and done to massive queries and controlling fabric, schematically formulated criteria and checklists, as in serial construction Automotive factory. Education, as intensive sinking into the literary or cinematic artwork, as an imaginative production of text, sound and image, as creative surgery with logic, grammar and algebra and as an innovative potential is as the ideological behavior of the day before yesterday. The high school graduation has become a matter of mistrust, at half hidden query from several semi-years. This makes a good stucco spiritual concentration and creativity potential ruled.

The surprise of the methodological control of the Abitur is just one example of how to bring teachers (and schools), a good as NRW-"Teacher" lose. Freed by this work at the topic, all textures breathe and concentrate from this year in 2005 in the current year 12 to those 30 percent binding frectures per subject to meet the topics of the Central Office – as in other federal tandames, such as Baden-Wurttemberg or Bavaria.

Monomaniac project

On the internet, the authority presented model tasks. And she attracts that they work again according to the beautiful old model of simple topic, but with methodological depressions: Thus, philosophy is a comparison of positions within an area, only ethics, only the epistemology or only the state philosophy planned – and not the same between the partial disciplines. So in German there is a text analysis within a genus (drama) and an epoch (clearance and storm and urge), but charged two long text expansion (theoretical analysis and literary example).

In specialist training, the absurd possibility is already considered to override in another direction: Schuler and teachers had to expect to be beamed with three examination tasks from one and the same sub-area (ie only vector invoice, only Goethe, only ethics, just Keynes, only biochemistry, So three tasks from only 10 percent of the entire material). This monomaniac project is unacceptable, in the sense of general education, which is to be covered by the high school graduation – and in the sense of professional chance variety. Although selected expert teams from the highest levels of all NRW are to be trusted in the written high school graduation tasks, but given the thousands of experts, this option has something of a desperate residual item of specialized medical attitudes in the sea of the new centralist Darwinism.

Centralized Darwinism is powerless against the media society

Caution: "The schools watch their teachers in learning…" The schoolers wonder once more about how stressed their teachers and teachers work, during them according to the principle "eyes shut and go for it" Act. The inflationary method float and the new centralization and standardization of general education do not hold the trivialization of learning content, they accelerate the tendency in which society inherent in total.

It could be that the schoolers of today have problems that are not sufficiently captured by the current forms of education policy and the media highlighted PISA panic?

Young people of today are unconcentric because they have become gross in this crafted media society. In it, its own handwriting or the book is only a privileged medium in certain educational layers. The intensive use of new media, such as computers, video game and internet has created under most adolescent behavioral patterns that the previous centralist information and entertainment sources, the media game, conversation, image, font, letterpress, theater, cinema and TV infragstellen and the differences between expert and trivial culture completely cancel.

The teenagers have already arrived in the hypermodern, in a postalphabetic image staging society, their impact, the cinema week for week in new films.

Hypermodern teens

Hypermodern teenagers are deconcentrated, hyperactive, highly flexible, ready for any remote distraction. But they are by no means inattentive, not insensitive or unintelligent. Rather, they are used to their attention, their sensitivity, emotionalitat and their intellect at a maximum of de-focusing, so that the perception cone can slip immediately at any time for something different or jump. In this way, they are true as an unstable adventure, as ensemble at any time activated, funny or annoying behavior menus, before whose anarchism or rigidity parents and padogows often get the grates.

Which in this type of multimedia, jump-up, mosaic-formal intuition and self-presentation, in everyday life as well as before the monitor, is difficult, is the return to the full "Discipline of geometry and alphabet", the preparation of a single continuous service on a previously for you "strange area" or a comparatively distanced, less interactive medium (number, font).

On such long-term continuous services, however, the objectified construction, the comprehensible construction of only one-, then instructed, then multi-layered objects, both in a mathematical scientific, or in the linguistic-grammatical and in the creative-symbolic out of awarded world. What children and adolescents produce here without further vibrant guidance and open exchange here is often only cursive hint, fragment and breakage, without that this for you or the others immediately, without further procuring and reflection recognizable goods. The school and exercise product splinters are perceptible against the background of information surplus and the countless media sources and media formats as prototypes, models and hollow shapes, as imitations and copies, which seems to be apparent from the universe of a thousand non-ordered symbols and shapes without context, and Mind cut out.

In this cosmos of the prefabricated brands and patterns, it is quite difficult to recognize the individual handwriting as with a children’s drawing of Anno Dazumal. That "Copy and paste" The text, image and sound processing has fully captured the young paintings. Supported by the mechanical dynamics of computers, Internet and I-pods medial constructs and blueprints are kept too blam for real life and learning experiences before they meet sensual and mentally comprehensible experiences and experiences, findings and maturity processes.

In the Hypermoderne the Schuler is a simulation, not just in school

The school can equalize and pick up from the dynamics of the media society through multi- and intermedia teaching. It is not just about the technical use of the media. It’s about the media mediated psychology of children to the internet spirit of young people. To pick up, rugged and transform the wild medial impulse that makes the young generation so ubernervos and hypermodern. No didactic centralism will successfully meet the deconcentration of the adolescents. Gestures, games and talking; Image, language and writing must be torn out of the context of outdated educational materials and contexts and as a dialogical preliminary or. Gutorating counterforms of electronic media, established by GameBoy, Computers and Internet.

Only there, where the wild media impulse becomes the subject of its own presentation, talk, reflection, criticism and real change, is a thematic concentration that goes beyond the pure randomness-facing moments. Deconcentment remains effective as the consciousness does not focus on a particular, as full-fledged ie, in order to work in detail with it (in context), but is repeatedly distracted to any other otherwise.

The fact of deconcentration and the possibility of concentrating today’s schoolers are not only a foreground climatic or psychopathological problem. In them, the unrecognized response of young people is quite a complex environment. They do not reduce the environment on their own categories, but they turn themselves into a figure of the media game and nevertheless looking for the connection with the shrinking normal reality. The world of artificial experiences, the media, TV or computer-generated (pseudo-) experiences has achieved a dynamic intensity and an exhaustion, in the obvious contradiction to its own private sphare, which, depending on the individual situation or social status, also by absence of Requirements, which may be proper (or divorced) parents, may, with the sensation of friction, frustration and anxiety, combined with experience poverty, perception of perception and conflict avoidance or fixation.

Many Schuler, like Fabian, Grade 12, behave at least officially media critical:

Media are all, it does not do stupid stupid, but you can not be smart. But that has less with the school, rather than doing the parents’ education. It can not be that children are already lacking in delicate old media events (I wife, accurately exploits..) to see that of another age needed. Also too much TV consumption, a private TV in the room etc. Furthermore, the further development of the child. Especially private broadcasters are responsible for the dumb of the country. Just consider how to talk about 20, 30 years ago in the Bundestag for Strastenfeger. Today it is still running at Phoenix… and the young people seem to be no matter their future.

Poroser access to reality

"Is it real?" Hypermodernic cleavage between real semi-world and media perfection ensures a reality accessible through and through poroses, in good as well as in the bad sense. This applies to the external life as well as for the school existence. The obsolete programming of information, education and education – in its organizational form – the medial effect nor: If you want, the hypermodere Schuler is a simulation in the area of the school in the area of the school as in the field of the media consumed by him.

Surfly learning of fabrics and supposed transverse syms in the wake of the specialists and in the three-quarter-hour rhythm only feasiters the continuous attitude of the deconcentration: the semi-conscious, copying and collapsing of heterogeneous materials, image and word patterns. Often it is highly interesting to get the point in nonsense to the track: returned body attitude, spelling, spelling mistakes, senses, misunderstandings, false closures, stereotypes and cliches that can be found on undifferentiated self- and foreign perception. All this can be parked at any time by small targeted corrections. In the case of a lack of attention, they are considered a secret handicap curriculum to the highchane phase.

Sebastian in critical openness:

Most young people have no realistic access of private life more, as the prere on us continues to increase: keep school performance stable or extend, adjust behaviors to the zeitgeist etc.

The diffuser confused media, spab and service company drove to delicate addiction phases:

Many adolescents appear alcohol and other noise as a sanctuary, a kind of always retrievable privacy, where all problems seem inferior and always soluble. Stress dwinds and will forget. Many can do not have a spab more due to daily and no-alcohol without alcohol, only when the inhibition threshold sinks, Spab is conceivable again.

And to the effect of the media images as the form of an imaginary simulation scene, the Schuler lays according to:

How long do you believe in the reality of the pictures? In my opinion, until the time when he drinks his first beer, his first cigarette smokes and that the first time the virginity has painted out of his vocabulary. Here you can see that the trick with the lusty and relaxed-looking chain smoker with ten women in the arm out of the movie last night, in real life as a prolet from stick 12 with ashtray taste, not necessarily how to imagine that Has.

So has today’s "Schoolpadagogy" somewhat? Should she, like the old humanist education animals, start at the Schuler as an autonomous subject between the present and future and not positivist in the given teaching materials, topics and methods?

The Schuler in its double role as an adolescent and young media consumer is the most exciting medium that the company has ever had its own projections.

Nobody pursues the present media development and colonization of society so mercilessly consistently as the young generation. Nobody brings the cynical state of the hypermodern between real half-world and simulative perfection so on the point. And no one was exposed to her as uncomfortable as the young people. The formulation of the learning progress of the Padagogical Average Target Group "Great", "Learning group" is therefore so inaccurate because it corresponds to the media type book, the standardized font in geometric-reproductive prere and faith in a virtual monopoly for all, the Gutenberg Galaxy, which has been imploded and the one of our media society on all channels and Senselessly, to the abolition of respect of the printed emergence in the media highly cooked Berlin Bundestag Triggering and Short Election and Party Reorganization ManOver.

Balancing of concentration and deconcent

In today’s school, it should always be about the media awareness of the Schuler again and again: for the experience of one’s own existence between fiction and realitat, immediate self-assertion and reflected self-perception, to deal with others, to the critical knowledge of socially mediated reality and their reflection and transformation in the media. In this way, the conditions of deconcentration and concentration of perception, imagination and imagination, reflexive thinking, decisive and wanting as well as action are practically deplorable as conditions of work on themselves.

They do not belong to the area of reducing psychology, but for everyday trade in the environment of me, society and media environment. In the age of the Hypermoderne, the imaginative work becomes itself and the balancing of concentration and deconcentment to a new field of use, in an epoch, in the present and absence, the recital of "Here now" and the virtuality of the "Everywhere / anytime" be reorganized static. The deconcentration is the zero point of still indeterminate "Somewhere / ever", of which all radical productivity, every effective link and any effective exchange, both in the padagogical and professional life, take their exit. ( Peter V. BrinkTo)

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