Nawalny: a mirror report on the result of the bundeswehr labor and open questions

Nawalny: a mirror report on the result of the Bundeswehr Labor and open questions

And as a ominous gift from Lukashenko to the Kremlin an allegedly secreciated telephone conversation between Berlin and Warsaw

The mirror reports that the Bundeswehr laboratory, which the Charite has turned on after he found that the Russian opposition politician Nawalny has a poisoning, but could not identify the poison that came to the conclusion that Nawalny had a poison from the Nowichok group came into contact. One has found only minimal tracks in skin, blood and urine samples, but the proof is "trustworthy".

A staff officer of the Bundeswehr Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology explained the Federal Chancellor and the six ministers on Wednesday the result. Without a doubt, it should have been a nervoy of the Novichok group, which the government seized and of "doubtless" spoke. Traces have been found not only in the blood and urine as well as on the skin, but also "at" a bottle that "Religious" Nawalnys after the collapse in the plane canceled and the Charite had to give.

Next it is called the mirror, being unclear, who moved this conclusion: "Presumably, Nawalny had drunk from the bottle when he was already poisoned, leaving the traces of the poison there." Then Nawalny had to have been a threat to all those present and also for "Religious", which the bottle caught, unless they have worn protective gloves. From the formulation you have to shut down that the traces have been found on the hands and outdoors on the bottle. Actually look at Nowichok, as it is called, small quantities. It has already been surprised by experts that no one has been poisoned.

There is also a declaration for this why Nawalny was not killed by the allegedly deadly different chemical warfare. The Russian doctors have been properly treated and rescued to nawalny or from knowledge of a Nowichok poisoning correctly? Kam Nawalny came into contact with too small quantities? The Russian doctors had explained, they had not found poison in the samples of Nawalny and his clothes. Maybe you did not have the opportunity to discover Nowichok, or have not come up with the idea to search for Nowichok?

And if it was a stop cured in the Kremlin, who also involved the doctors who allegedly exploited Nawalny as a transportation of transport and excludes a poisoning, the question remains why you nawalny anyway with that of the organization Cinema for Peace Foundation Chartered rescue airplane to Berlin Flying, if Novichok is still detectable many days later?

Cinema for Peace Foundation Apparently weighs up abundant resources, it is intended to be fundamentally financed by donations, but on the website you can not find a list of the larger donors (who can tell me here, please contact the editor: Tpred @ Our Site, we have The organization asked to send us a list of coarse dispensers to show that you want to be transparent).

Why the Bundeswehr Labor does not name the concrete substance found, remains mystery of the Bundeswehr and the Federal Government for the time being. The goods not only important to track the possible origin of the Gifts – knowledge about and also prirdhead of substances from the Nowichok Group have since the 1990s many military laboratories – but also to switch on the OPCW.

According to the Scripal stop, the 192 OPCW members, Russia included, at the end of 2019 unanimously at the request of Canada, the Netherlands and the United States (2 Nowichok families) and Russia (four Nowichok families) (!) Decided some "Familys" to set the Novichok group to the list of forbidden chemical warfare materials. This came into force in June 2020.

In these substances, the OPCW inspectors can send into each signator country to check whether the prohibited substances are manufactured here. If the Kremlin waves the attack on Nawalny with one of the self-proposed substances two months after the entry into force of the extended list, this was already very amazing.

The help of Lukashenko

To the "last European dictator" Lukashenko will take little to believe. Probably not the Belarussian intelligence, if you want to trust all intelligence services at all. On Thursday, an exception of Lukashenko to the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mischustin the round, especially in Russian media, made that the Belarussian intelligence service a telephone "Between Warsaw and Berlin" be off. That was before the declaration of the German Federal Government and evidence that there was no poisoning. This sounds that Lukashenko wants to assist the Kremlin, who had promised him in the face of protests support.

The recording of the supposedly covered conversation had Lukashenko to give the Russian intelligence FSB for the exam. The Pro-Regime Telegram Channel Pul Pervogo has now published the conversation, as well as the state news agency Belta, which is currently unavailable, so that this is only recognizable from the VK channel. The Kremlin Critical Meduza has translated the conversation. Remains unclear who should have talked about at all and, of course, whether it is a fake. That should actually be exposed quickly from the BND or other intelligence services.

The spokesman for Warsaw asks if poisoning is terminated final, the speaker from Berlin means that in the case not so important. It goes a war in front of him and in a war all methods are good.

Warsaw: is the Poisoning Definedely Confirmed?

Berlin: Listen, Mike, in this case that’s not so important…There was a going on…And During was all Methods Are Good.

Warsaw: I agree, we need to discourage Putin from Poking His Nose Into Belarus’ Affairs…The Most Effective Way is to Drown Him in Russia’s Problems, And Are Many of Them! MOREOVER, THEY’LL HAVE ELECTIONS IN THE NEAR FUTURE, VOTING DAY IN RUSSIA’S REGIONS.

Berlin: That’s What We’re Doing. How Are Things in Belarus in General?

Warsaw: to be honest, not so good. President Lukashenko Turned Out To Be A Tough Nut To Crack. They’re Professional and Organized. It’s Clear That Russia Support Them. The Officials and The Military Are Loyal To The President. [We’ll Discuss] The Rest During The Meeting, Not By Phone.

Berlin: Yes, Yes, I Understand, Then I’ll See You Later, Bye.

Warsaw: Bye.

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