Motor driver ban in new york

Blizzard Juno lays northeast of the USA

A Blizzard is a suddenly occurring snowstorm that can be so hard to give him a name: for example, Children’s Blizzard for a snowstorm, the on 12. January 1888 hundreds of schoolchildren were victim, or kinkerbocker snowstorm, for a storm, at which in 1922 the same name in Washington socked and 98 people buried.

Even the heavy Blizzard, who is currently throwing the northeast of the USA, has received a name: he is called Juno (like the Romische Magottin) Juno – and he concerns about 60 million people. According to the meteorologists, they must expect wind speeds up to 115 kilometers per hour and up to 90 centimeters of fresh snow. In the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, the Governors have therefore proclaimed the emergency.

Whether Juno is the worst blizzard of the history of the city, as the New York Bill Master Bill de Blasio warned is questionable, but then he had to demand more deaths as the Great Blizzard of 1888, the alone in the metropolis of almost 400 people alone in the metropolis Victim fell.

Great Blizzard of 1888

Because they also rendered that even by Juno were allowed to freeze people, the city has almost completely prohibited car traffic. Exceptions are only snowparts, police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances. The subway operation has also been set.

De Blasio also called the inhabitants of the city to avoid short distances and prefer to stay in the houses. Most New York employers sent their employees in the unpaid vacation. Because many burgers are still shopping in front of the prescribed home ware, long snakes formed in front of supermarkets.

However, the home pipes can not only become a problem when food is missing, but also if the power drops – because, for example, snow loads storm on high voltage masts. Since in many New York houses with electricity is heated, they must then – like last 2012 – can do without a scary warm source. But other heaters with other energy carriers often do not work today if the power is missing for controlling.

Most schools in the catastrophewen area have been closed since yesterday. Many want to make up the lost days with Saturday or holiday tour. Some experiment but also with online spare lessons, which is fundamentally possible even in case of power failure. Prerequisite, however, is that the Schuler has to bear at home over rates with which they can charge the batteries of their tablets.

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