More than new gestures?

Whether Merkel ensures a decrease in Russian German relations is still open after your entitlement

After their Washington visit, a short visit to Putin on Merkel’s Agenda. While she described her Washington-Visite as a visit to friends, she made the waiting for the "strategic partner" in Moscow. Merkel has benefited when visiting its east biography. She was able to talk to her speech partners in affaliate Russian and renounce the interpreter.

Encounter with the "strategic partner". Image: Pressburo of the Russian Prasident

However, Merkel did not use its Russian language skills in the conversation with Putin, but at the meeting with Russian civil society, including oppositional from the former Soviet Union in the German Embassy in Moscow. Among these spatsovy dissident groups are especially the Moscow Helsinki Group and Memorial. These organizations have approximately the status of East German Burgerechtler, which was grossly reputed in parts of the urban middle class in the wide mass, but are not particularly popular and have little influence in real policy.

Brisanter was already that even representatives of the soldier mother participate in the Meeting in the embassy, which are in clear opposition to Russian Chechen policy. The was also clearly addressed by Merkel upon visit with Putin.

Interests instead of sympathetic

In the public, Merkel’s Vita will be pleased to explain its special creation, which you will love Russian oppositional. This interpretation is fragile in two ways. However, a GDR socialization does not automatically guarantee a dissident career, the Merkel definitely did not have. In addition, politics is not determined by sympathy but by interests. That’s why it was also the Merkel visit.

Now it is generally insistent with state visits as unusual, if in addition to politicianmeetings also meetings with civil society and the opposition parties are on the agenda. But in the case of Merkel is already suggested in the choice of words, as if nothing has changed in Russia since 1989 and the groupings were almost illegal dissident cubicles. That’s wrong. Even the soldier nut is certainly not welcome in Putin’s Russia. But problems to gain in Germany and abroad, they do not have. If now is done, as if Merkel’s talking partners are dissidents and not just oppositional, then the self-interest is.

This is also clear in criticism of a Law Initiative advised by the Duma, which restricts the work of foreign non-governmental organizations (control of civil society). Merkel said that it could also be affected by the German Embassy. Now pay messages in commonly not to the NGOs. But in connection with the government change in Georgia and Ukraine reports of intensive contacts between Western embassies and opposition groups. Also, Weibrussland’s head of state Lukashenko increasingly reacts worried about a EU-orchestrated EU campaign on its authoritative style of government.

More than new gestures?

Meeting with civil society. Image: government soundline

Against this background, the legislation in Russia are also defense reactions in front of an orange revolution in Moscow. Merkel has made it clear through its visit that the Russian rulers will be stobbar with their launches in their little understanding. In this respect, the concept of decrease, which a Russian newspaper used as a characterization for Merkel’s policy, is not completely wrong on this point. Here she will also find the approval of Gruner Human Rights politicians who brought Schroders man friendship with Putin to despair.

Economic relations in the upswing

But Merkel went with her new openness only so far that Russian rulers could not be exhibited as an affront, which sustained economic relations sustainably. The Chancellor puts on economic policy area to the Schroder-ARA and wants to expand the economic relations even. So she does not think about questioning the controversial gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea, as hoped by the Baltic Raiser States and Poland,. From the "Dangerous Russian Gas", the Russian-Ukrainian gastride ("First war of the 21. Century") Some green wanted to boycott, is not a speech at the Chancellor. The economic relations also provide for an element of the stability in the Russian-German ratio. Finally, both sides are dependent on each other.

The preservation sample for the Russian-German ratio is not only with the conflict with Iran before. If a new crisis in the Caucasus region breaks out, the conflict between the EU and Weibrussia favors or the dispute over Russian gas goes into a new round, will show how serious it Merkel with the decrease in the German-Russian ratio over gestures In addition in practice is really.

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