Misses germany goal for renewable energies?

Germany was able to miss the EU goal for the share of renewable energies in the energy consumption of a study. 2020 According to the EU Directive, the proportion is to be 18 percent – under current conditions, he climbs only to 16 percent in the coming three years, as the Federal Association of Renewable Energy (Bee) has calculated. It is not just about the okostrom content of power consumption, but also heating and fuel consumption in traffic.

In April, Bee had predicted a share of 16.7 percent for 2020. Reason for the change is an increasing energy consumption for heaters and traffic. The 18 percent goal will be in "even more distance rush if the level of consumption continues in the heat, traffic and electricity sector unrestricted," says it at Bee. "The next Federal Government must significantly accelerate the expansion of renewable energies and sustainably reduce consumption so that Germany can comply with its obligation towards the European Union," asked business drivers Peter Rottgen.

In power consumption, the share of renewable energies in 2016 laged, according to Bee at 31.7 percent, but in the field of warm only with a good 13 percent and in traffic only at a good 5 percent. Under current conditions, the proportion of OkoE energy of the calculation was allowed to increase up to 2020 in power consumption to almost 40 percent, stagnating warm at a good 13 percent and only slightly increase to 6.1 percent in traffic.

"Debt of the bad energy balance of Germany are mainly the areas of transport and hot supply of buildings," said Olaf Tschimpke, Prasident of the Nabu Environmental Association. The Federal Government should not demand the installation of ol- and natural gas heaters long and use for stricter consumption limits for cars and trucks.

About two weeks ago, a calculation of the Denkfabrik Agora Energiewende had revealed that Germany is more likely to miss the climate protection target for 2020 itself than previously amed if the coming Federal Government is not switching quickly.

"The failure of environmental and climate targets seems to become the trademark of the current Federal Government," said Climate Expertin Tina Loffelsend from the federal government. "The duties for heating, diesel and gasoline are significantly lower than the electricity, which inhibits the change to climate-friendly alternatives in the warm and transport sector."Michael Schaerer from WWF called for" immediate program climate protection 2020 "and suggested a" special tender climate protection 2020 "for additional wind power and solar systems.

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