Mikrolabs: compact photo printer

Mikrolabs: Compact photo printer

Mobile photo printer with color display

To push pictures with the digital camera makes Spab. They maturally optimize, crop and print on the domestic A4 inkparter rather not. FUNPRINTER occurs because of their name it is undoubtedly suggested – with another approach: you get the memory card full of images, is looking for a button, prints a button and a little later a borderless, brilliant and resistive photo on thick paper in postcard format in the hands.

Also functions for correction of misconceptions, blitz eyes, lack of sharp and choosing the image section provide some of the mobile photo printers erupted with a display. All come out without a PC, some even without socket.

All mobile photo printers of our test bring their ink to cooking: In the thermal ink jeters, the gas bubbles produced by heat into the dusen pipes for the injection of the ink; In thermosublimation, the solid dye is evaporated by a carrier foil and immediately restarted on the paper, almost leaving the liquid state of aggregation (he sublimizes). With this technique, yellow, magenta and cyan can be mixed to 16 million color pens, which is why the thermosublimation printers with a resolution of mostly 300 dpi (points per inch) remember. This is enough for conventional motives, only to sharp contours such as letters or hair lines are visible on stairs.

Pallet art

The ink splashes do not have this problem thanks to significantly higher resolution, but they are forced to produce mixed tones by raster – ie adjoining many points -. Their prints must still dry and are therefore potentially wipe-sensitive. For this they print without margin, during the sublimation competition always two (perforated) strips must be demolished, which leads to slightly frayed edges. Foil and paper must fit in the coarse to each other, which is why one is set to one or a few formats. In the case of ink jeters, however, use the fast other papers, such as panoramic formats or in one case 13 x 18 cm. You can build thermosublimation printers amazingly compact and easy to build, but mostly the paper tray usually occupies a similar rough flat. They are well suited for carrying around, but the mobile insert is off the power outlet of around 40 watts, which requires a small battery over the time a lot. The only manufacturer in the test can Canon thermoprinter with optional battery, while two out of three inkjeters for battery operation are offered.

Inkstrahler retake only one third of the performance at work, but they also need for a long time for a photo. The energy quantities determined by us for the entire process are not so dramatic. Thermal printer not only need more electricity, they also go much louder to the point. They also produce more annoying sounds, reflecting themselves in the Sone values. Three devices even use an air, which after printing still rotates about one minute – what we have shown in the table extra.

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