Microsoft edge crashes when google is the default search engine

Microsoft edge crashes when google is the default search engine

Microsoft’s Edge browser crashed for users who selected Google as their default search engine. After Microsoft published a workaround, the problem is said to be fixed now.

The crashes occurred when typing in the address bar, Microsoft writes in a tweet. To prevent this, the company recommended turning off search suggestions altogether in settings. In the meantime, it is hoped that the problems have been solved and asks affected users to reverse the setting changes and to inform Microsoft if crashes persist.

That only users with Google as search engine were affected, the news portal The Verge Tested. There are said to have been no problems with Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing.

Again and again trouble with Edge

Most recently, Edge, like other Chromium-based browsers, has also experienced difficulties playing YouTube videos. AdBlock Plus users simply saw a black playback area.

Microsoft has also been criticized recently for the browser grabbing data from other installed browsers without first getting user consent. Those who close the corresponding dialog window for setting up Edge via Task Manager cannot prevent the transmission. Microsoft only asks for approval at the end of the setup proces

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