Massaker in las vegas: protection deaths at least 58 people and injured over 500

Massaker in Las Vegas: Protection Deaths at least 58 people and injured over 500

Mandala Bay Hotel. Image (from 2010): Kris1123 / CC by 3.0

UPDATE: Absproving the IS to a stop, where a 64-year-old from a hotel room fired on visitors to a country concert. From the police there is no entry into an Islamist background so far

Man woman long, the US has a coarse problem with violence, especially with the use of firearms. On a spectacular urgent way this is done in Las Vegas again in mind. A 64-year-old shot, equipped with multiple weapons (according to Fox News it was "at least ten rifles"), last night from a hotel room in the 32nd stick on visitors of a country concert on the other side of Vegas Strip, the main spirit of the pleasure city. At the early afternoon of European time, the media reported by over 50 dead.

Many questions, ranging from the motif of the protector, how he could prepare the mass murder, the more dead caused as an IS-Connector recent time, whether he acted completely alone, over the expiration of sliding, the accuracy of the sniper – he was trained? -, The distance between the hotel and the concert (addendum: between hotel rooms and bean are about 370 meters), are still open. Shock and confusion, to which the hurry of reporting are still a fairly incomplete image that is gradually corrected.

It’s already seeing that in the beginning, in the morning of Central European time, still reports on two dead reads, while a video from the concert of the Sanger Jason Aldean at the Russian station RT (now here) in a dramatic way court loves that it several and very long-lasting series of shot obviously from an automatic rifle, so that "only" Two dead as a record incubator appeared and you had to be taken on worse.

Video Of The Shooting Captured Nine Seconds Of Rapid Fire, Continuous Bursts, Followed By 37 Seconds Of Silence From The Weapon Amid Panicked Screaming. The Barrage of Gunfire Then Erupted Again in At Least Two More Rounds, Both Shorter Than The First.

New York Times

The messages that corrected the deaths upwards then followed quickly. That Mass shoot, Hard hard to translate in German, in some places as the "The deadline in the history of the USA" designated. The New York Times reports on "One of the worst mass shootings in the history of the USA". There is for the constellation – a protection shifts from a high-quality position on a lot of civilians – a ruling run in the US: Charles Joseph Whitman, who is on 1. August 1966 after the murder of his mother and his wife on the tower of the University of Texas in Austin entrenched and from there aimed at passers-by on campus, 17 people died, 32 were injured.

In the Wikipedia entry, the case is Whitman as "Rampage" designated. The term standing on a psychic exhaust (Amok) appears in the presence drawn from ideologically heated storage champion than not really fit (the Las Vegas-Hotel Mandalay Bay uses the term "Tragic Active Shooter situation"To). First, in the present, it is important to investigate such circumordial deeds afterwards whether they have a terrorist-ideological background.

Convention message of IS

Meanwhile, the Twitter accounts of Site Intel as well as the French specialist for Jihad and terrorists, the journalist Wassim Nasr, that is about the "Media agency Amaq" The act for complaints. The protection is "A soldier of IS" and he was "converted to Islam a few months ago", it is called in two – that is uneven – consecutive messages.

Massaker in Las Vegas: Protection Deaths at least 58 people and injured over 500

Bestings for this that the protection with the IS is in contact, but still stand out. The confessional letter surprised. In the previous messages, there was no reference to an Islamist background of the act. Also the FBI sees "no connection". (Inquanation: The IS seems to make the lack of creditance of his communications, which shows itself in the media orientation, according to Site Intel by the fact that he now sends several messages in different languages).

In a first public opinion, the state-like Sheriff Joseph Lombardo was still spoken of that state of the investigation was that it is not an act with "Terrorist background" trade. On a corresponding question he answered: "No, not at this point".

The police report published in the early afternoon of European time identifies Stephen Craig Paddock as the only suspicious. He is marked as a women who lived in the area, in Mesquite, Nevada,. According to New York Times, Swat (Special Weapons and Tactic) units made the position of the protector in the hotel. Shortly before midnight local time the suspicious was reported as a killed.

What exactly happened before, remains in the dark. According to the name of the police report, the Swat team should have broken up the door to the hotel and the suspicious "found dead" to have. According to Fox news, which is on statements of one Underhire the police stalled, the man himself also admitted the deadly wounds. But there were also three policemen "injured" and one told. And there are reports, such as Fox News, who talk about the use team took the suspicious.

According to the press release of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) came 50 people around life, taking 406 people were brought to hospital. In the evening, the New York Times corrected the number and reported "at least 58 dead".

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