Makes junkfood violent?

Allegedly, the inclination is reduced to violence when people take healthy food and more vitamins, minerals or omega-3 fatty acids

Violence was also able to cooperate with dietary. Who is unhealthy, lives from Junkfood, to take much sugar and fat, also tends to violence. This is at least the result of some studies that have been carried out with detention lures in British and American fishing. In 2002, a study by Bernard Gesch from the University of Oxford with 230 young offenses had suggested a connection between diet and violence. The offensters, which received additional vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, undertook 25 percent fewer violence in the event of the observation period of nine months than the subjects of the control group, which only received Placebos. If there is such a connection, perhaps only praventively had to improve the development of potential youthful violence to reduce the crime rate.

Gescher, which is also a director of Natural Justice, is strong, not only continues to investigate the relationship between dreanation and violence and to receive funds, but also demands the importation of a corresponding dread program in the cogs, especially for young crimes. The Foundation had already collected money for a broader study, but the British Ministry of Justice decreased in the support of the project. Lord Ramsbotham, the Founder’s Foundation and Member of the Foundation, threw the Interior Ministry at the end of 2006 and blocking the study, although with a change in diet, the violence in the superfulled fehrnis are reduced by 40 percent.

The American scientist Joseph Hibbling, suspected that especially the increased increase in Omega-6 fatty acids in the food and the simultaneous recording of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly high in fish and an important role for communication processes in the Playing brain, could have something to do with the increase in violence. These fatty acids are mostly from soybean or sunflower oil and are included in ready meals, fried foods, chips, biscuits or margarine. According to a study of hibbling, in 38 industrialists, a correlation between the growing uptake of omega-6 fatty acids with a linear increase in mord rates. On the other hand, in countries like Japan, in which one is a lot of fish and thus makes many omega-3 fatty acids, a low murder, suicide and depression rate.

After hibling, the Omega-6 fatty acids anneal the omega-3 fatty acids in the brain. Above all, the absence of DocosahExaensaure (DHA) Konne Connu is the construction of the cell membranes and thus the intake of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. In a study with 21 convicted violence, which has been published in 2004, low DHA values are associated with high corticotropin releasing hormones (CRH) values in the backmark flux. After studies there is a connection between CRH and stress reactions such as depression, fear and violence. The recording of Omega-3 fatty acids lowers the CRH values. Therefore, hibbling adopts that the inclination for violence and other negative reactions were also evaporated.

Apparently, the British Ministry of the Interior, which is under prere due to the prestires surfaced for years and also superimposed to send offenses no longer with an electronic baffle, but with implanted RFID chips prematurely to the house arrest to create new space, but On the idea with the satisfying diet access. As the Telegraph reports, the Ministry of Justice now wants to commission a study in order to examine in two facilities in the youth enforcement, which impact has a diet of prisoners supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Bernard is likely to carry out the study in which a group of placeboes and the other pills with the vitamins and minerals are contained.

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