Magnetbander: fujifilm introduces 400 tbyte tapes

MagnetBander: Fujifilm introduces 400 TByte tapes

Fujifilm wants to change the production material in artificial generations of Linear Tape Open (LTO) to reduce the particles on the standing and consequently increased the capacity per magnetic tape dramatically. Strontium ferrite should reach about 224 gigabits per square turn – current LTO-8-bander, also called ultrium 8, save with barium ferrite just 8 Gbit / inch. MagnetBander serve primarily for data backup in the form of backups.

Strontium ferrite is said to be rich for 400 TB of Rough MagnetBander, such as Fujifilm employees on a press tour against the website Blocks and Files told. Current LTO-8-Bander store 12 TByte. The public roadmaps of the two remaining tape manufacturers Fujifilm and Sony range to LTO-12 (Ultrium 12) with 192 TB, each generation doubled the capacity to the transaction.

Strontium ferrite was thus ranging for LTO-13 with 384 TByte, then new materials must be produced or recording techniques. By means of compression, the capacitance increases by a factor of 2.5, which is 960 TB of LTO-13 thus 960 TBYTE. However, the manufacturers currently need two to three years to introduce new generations, so LTO-13 was allowed to be ready until 2030.

Intended for companies

MagnetBander are characterized by a low price: the price per gigabyte already falls below the brand of 1 cents, hard drives cost at least twice. Due to the drive costs for magnetic bander in high several thousand euros, however, the technology is primarily interesting for corporate customers. There robots take over the change of magnetic trained to create automatic backups.

For the private-related usually classical hard drives that can nowadays can save up to 18 TByte. In terms of storage density, these are far ahead with partly about 1 Tbit / inch magnetic trees.

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